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HBMS Nonsuch (1646)

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Nonsuch, 34 Guns

Nationality British
Ordered 1645/12/00 B164
Launched 1646/00/00 B028
Shipyard Deptford DY B028
Master Shipbuilder Peter Pett B164
Rate Fourth Rate
Type Ship
Out Service 1664/12/03 B164
Fate Wrecked B028

B164   Type Metric
Length of Keel 98' 0" Imperial Feet 29.87
Breadth 28' 4" Imperial Feet 8.64
Depth in Hold 14' 2" Imperial Feet 4.32
Burthen 41844/94 Tons BM

Total Guns 34

Crew Complement
Date Men Notes Source
1646 160 B164
1660 120 B164

Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1646 1647 Post Captain William Thomas B164
1647/10 1649 Post Captain Richard Willoughby W015
1650 1652/12 Post Captain John Mildmay B164
1652/12 1655 Post Captain Thomas Penrose B164
1656 1657 Post Captain John Woolters B164
1660 1660 Post Captain Ambrose Smith B164
1661/03/27 1662/09/08 Post Captain John Parker B164
1664 1664 Post Captain Amos Beare B029
1664 Unknown Post Captain Richard Country B051
1664/03/19 1664/11/03 Post Captain Nicholas Parker B051
1664/11/04 1664/12/03 Post Captain Philemon Bacon B164
Commissioned Officers
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1660 1660 Lieutenant William Trehearne B051
1661 1661 Lieutenant Gerard White B051
1663 Unknown Lieutenant Thomas Trafford B051

Service Record
Date Notes Source
1646 Commissioned for the Winter Guard 1646/47 B164
1647 Stationed in the Irish Sea and then the Channel B164
1648/09 Stationed in the Downs B164
1649 Present at Blockade of Kinsale  
1650 On the West coast B164
1651 Sailed to the Mediterranean B164
1652/09/28 Present at the Battle of Kentish Knock  
1653/02/18 Present at the Battle of Portland  
1653/06/12 Present at the Battle of the Gabbard  
1661 At Tangier B164
1662 In the Mediterranean B164
1664 In the Mediterranean B164
1664/12/03 Wrecked in a storm at Gibraltar B164

Fleet Title Commander Date From Date To Source
Winter Guard of 1647 Thomas Rainsborough 1647/00/00 1648/00/00
British Baltic Fleet 1659 Lord Edward Montagu, Earl of of Sandwich 1659/00/00 1659/00/00

Actions & Battles
Date Source
1649 Blockade of Kinsale
1652/09/28 Battle of Kentish Knock
1653/02/18 Battle of Portland
1653/06/12 Battle of the Gabbard

Notes on Ship
No Notes Entered

Id Link or Description Author
B164 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1603 - 1714 Rif Winfield
B028 Ships of the Royal Navy - Volume I J. J. Colledge
W015 English Parliamentary Journals Various
B029 The Royal Navy Vol II William Laid Clowes
B051 Biographia Navalis - Volume I John Charnock

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