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HBMS London (1766)

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London, 90 Guns



Laid Down1759/11/04B057
ShipyardChatham DYB057
DesignerThomas SladeB057
Master ShipbuilderEdward AllinB057
RateSecond Rate
TypeShip of the Line
Out Service1811/04B057
FateBroken UpB057



Length of Gundeck177' 6"
Length of Keel144' 11/8"
Breadth49' 85/8"
Depth in Hold21' 0"
Draught Forward13' 3"
Draught Aft17' 6"



Lower Gun Deck28British 32-Pounder
Middle Gun Deck30British 18-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck30British 12-Pounder
Forecastle2British 9-Pounder
Quarterdeck8British 6-Pounder
Lower Gun Deck28British 32-Pounder
Middle Gun Deck30British 18-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck30British 12-Pounder
Quarterdeck8British 12-Pounder
Forecastle2British 12-Pounder





Flag Officers

Date FromDate toRank/PositionNameSource
1778/111782Rear-AdmiralThomas GravesB057
1782/101783/07Rear-AdmiralJosiah RowleyB057
1793/051794/02Rear-Admiral of the RedWilliam Henry ClarenceB057
1794/081795Rear-AdmiralJohn ColpoysB057
17961796Vice-AdmiralCharles ThompsonB057
1801/021802Admiral of the BlueHyde ParkerB057
18021802/04Rear-AdmiralThomas GravesB057



Date FromDate toRankNameSource
1778/111779/09Post CaptainSamuel CornishB057
1779/091781/09Post CaptainDavid GravesB057
1781/091783/07Post CaptainJames KempthorneB057
1781/091783/07Post CaptainJames KempthorneB057
1790/061790/10Post CaptainWilliam DommettB057
1790/101791/08Post CaptainGeorge WestcottB057
1793/051794/02Post CaptainRichard KeatsB057
1794/081795/01Post CaptainLawrence HalsteadB057
1795/011797/12Post CaptainEdward GriffithB057
1797/121799/11Post CaptainJohn Child PurvisB057
1801/021801/04Post CaptainWilliam DommettB057
1801/041801/08Post CaptainRobert OtwayB057
1801/081802/04Post CaptainGeorge MurrayB057
1805/081805/11Post CaptainRobert BarlowB057
1805/111806/06Post CaptainHarry Burrard NealeB057
1806/061806/07Post CaptainEdward OsborneB057
1806/071809/06Post CaptainThomas WesternB057



Date FromDate ToRank/PositionNameSource


Service record

1766First cost was £53,036.0.0dB057
1778/04Started a small repair at ChathamB057
1778/11Commissioned for the first timeB057
1779/02/14Completed small repair at Chatham at a cost of £15,262.18.5dB057
1780/01Coppered and fitted at Portsmouth at a cost of £6,461.16.1dB057
1780/05/17Sailed for North AmericaB057
1783/04/26Left Jamaica bound for homeB057
1783/07Paid off into ordinaryB057
1785/07Started a middling repair at ChathamB057
1787/03Completed middling repair at a cost of £36,631.12.11dB057
1791/08Paid offB057
1793/08Joined Earl Howe's squadronB057
1794/02Paid off into ordinaryB057
1794/08Recommissioned for Channel serviceB057
1798To the Lisbon stationB057
1799/09Returned to England for service in the ChannelB057
1799/11Started a refit at PortsmouthB057
1800/01Completed refit at a cost of £12,260B057
1802/04Paid off into ordinaryB057
1805/04Started fitting at PortsmouthB057
1805/08Recommissioned for the Channel fleetB057
1805/12Completed fitting at a cost of £39,998B057
1806/03/13Capture of the Marengo and Belle PouleB057
1807Part of the squadron in LisbonB057
1807/11/11Sailed for Brazil as part of the escort for the Portugese royal familyB057
1809/06Paid off into ordinaryB057
1811/04Broken up at ChathamB057


Actions & Battles

1781/03/16Battle of Cape Henry
1781/09/05Battle of the Chesapeake
1782/10/17Action of 1782-10-17
1795/06/23Action of Ile Groix
1801/04/02Battle of Copenhagen



No Notes Entered



B057British Warships in the Age of Sail 1714 - 1792Rif Winfield

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