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HBMS Leviathan (1790)

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Leviathan, 74 Guns

Nationality British
Ordered 1779/12/09  
Laid Down 1782/05/00  
Launched 1790/10/09  
Shipyard Chatham DY  
Design Class Carnatic Class (1779)
Designer John Henslow  
Master Shipbuilder John Nelson  
Rate Third Rate
Type Ship of the Line
Out Service 1848/08/07  
Fate Sold  

B064   Type Metric
Length of Gundeck 172' 3" Imperial Feet 52.5
Length of Keel 140' 4" Imperial Feet 42.77
Breadth 47' 10" Imperial Feet 14.58
Depth in Hold 20' 9" Imperial Feet 6.32
Draught Forward 11' 9" Imperial Feet 3.58
Draught Aft 17' 6" Imperial Feet 5.33
Burthen 1,70785/94 Tons BM

1790/10/09 B064 Broadside Weight = 781
Lower Gun Deck 28 British 32-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck 28 British 18-Pounder
Quarterdeck 14 British 9-Pounder
Forecastle 4 British 9-Pounder

Crew Complement
Date Men Notes Source
1793/01 640 Design establishment B064

Flag Officers
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1797/08 1798 Commodore John Thomas Duckworth B064
1799/02 1803/12 Rear-Admiral of the White John Thomas Duckworth B064
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1793/01 1793/10 Post Captain Hugh Seymour Conway B064
1793/10 1793/10 Post Captain Benjamin Hallowell B064
1793/10 1794 Post Captain Hugh Seymour Conway B064
1795 1797/08 Post Captain John Thomas Duckworth B064
1797/08 1798 Post Captain Joseph Bingham B064
1798 1799/02 Post Captain Henry Digby B064
1799/02 1800 Post Captain James May B064
1800 1800/04 Post Captain James Carpenter B064
1800/06 1801 Commander Edward Durnford King B064
1801 1802 Commander Christopher Cole B064
1802 1803/12 Post Captain Richard Dalling Dunn B064
1804/01 1807/11 Post Captain Henry Bayntun B064
1808/06 1811/08 Post Captain John Harvey B064
1811/08 1813/08 Post Captain Patrick Campbell B064
1813/10 1814/04 Post Captain Adam Drummond B064
1814/04 1816 Post Captain Thomas Briggs B064
Commissioned Officers
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1808 1808 Lieutenant William Silvester Addington B080
Petty Officers
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1809 1813/09 Midshipman John Barnes B080
1811 1814 Midshipman John Radcliff B080
1814 1815 Midshipman William George Ashby B080
1814 1816/09/16 Masters Mate John Radcliff B080

Service Record
Date Notes Source
1791/08/27 Completed at a cost of £40,810.19.8d and partly fitted at Chatham at an additional cost of £2,064.16.5d B064
1793/01 First commissioned B064
1793/04 Fitted at Sheerness B064
1793/05/22 Sailed for the Mediterranean B064
1793/07 Took the privateer Vrai Patriote B064
1793/10 At Toulon B064
1794/04 Refitted at Portsmouth at a cost of £11,673 B064
1795/05/14 Sailed for Jamaica B064
1796/03/21 At Leogane B064
1797/08 Completed a refit at Portsmouth at a cost of £10,624 B064
1798/06/02 Sailed for the Mediterranean B064
1798/11 Present at the capture of Minorca B064
1800 Present at the blockade of Cadiz B064
1800/06 Sailed for the Leeward Isles B064
1803/10 Began refitting at Portsmouth B064
1803/12 Paid off B064
1804/01 Completed refitting at a cost of £22,261 B064
1804/04/26 Sailed for the Mediterranean B064
1807/11 Began a repair at Plymouth B064
1808/08 Completed repair at a cost of £39,026 B064
1809/02/07 Sailed for the Mediterranean B064
1809/10/23 Present in attack on convoy B064
1812/04/29 Her boats attacked shipping near Frejus B064
1812/05/09 In company with America and Eclair destroyed a convoy near Laigueglia B064
1812/06/27 In company with Imperieuse and Curacao destoryed a second convoy B064
1813/08 Began repairs to make good her defects B064
1813/11 Completed repairs at a cost of 13,396 at Portsmouth B064
1814 At Jamaica B064
1814/04 At Lisbon, Cork B064
1816 Paid off B064
1816/10 Fitted as a convict ship at Portsmouth B064
1846/10 Scuttled as a target ship at Portsmouth B064
1848/08/07 Remains sold to Mr Burns for £805 B064

Fleet Title Commander Date From Date To Source
No Fleets Listed

Actions & Battles
Date Source
1794/06/01 Glorious 1st of June
1805/10/21 Battle of Trafalgar

Notes on Ship
No Notes Entered

Id Link or Description Author
B064 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1793-1817 Rif Winfield
B080 A Naval Biographical Dictionary 1849 O'Brien

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