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HBMS Centurion (1732)

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Centurion, 60 Guns



Nationality British
Ordered 1729/02/17 B057
Laid Down 1729/09/09 B057
Launched 1733/01/06 B057
Shipyard Portsmouth DY B057
Designer Joseph Allin B057
Master Shipbuilder Joseph Allin B057
Rate Fourth Rate  
Type Ship of the Line  
Out Service 1769/12/18 B057
Fate Broken Up B057


B057   Type Metric
Length of Gundeck 144' 1" Imperial Feet 43.92
Length of Keel 117' 5" Imperial Feet 35.79
Breadth 40' 11/2" Imperial Feet 12.22
Depth in Hold 16' 5" Imperial Feet 5
Burthen 1,00550/94 Tons BM  


1733 B057 Broadside Weight = 435
Lower Gun Deck 24 British 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck 26 British 9-Pounder
Quarterdeck 10 British 6-Pounder


Crew Complement
Date Men Notes Source
1734 365 Establishment B057


Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1734/05 1735 Post Captain Francis Dansays B051
1735 1736 Post Captain George Proctor B057
1736 Unknown Post Captain John Durrell B051
1737/12 1744/07/15 Post Captain George Anson B051
1747 1748 Post Captain Peter Denis B051
1749 1753/08 Commodore Augustus Keppel B051
1754/10 1758 Post Captain William Mantell B051
1760 1762/09 Post Captain James Galbraith B051
Commissioned Officers
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1737/12 1744/07/15 First Lieutenant Piercy Brett B051
1739/11/12 1740/11 Lieutenant Peter Denis B051
1740/11 1745/02/09 Third Lieutenant Peter Denis B051


Service Record
Date Notes Source
1738 Sailed on a voyage to the west coast of Africa and the West Indies B051
1739 Returned to England B051
1740/06 Commissioned as Flagship of a squadron consisting in addition of the Severn (50), Gloucester (50), Pearl (40), Wager storeship (20), Trial snow (8) and two small victuallers, Anna Pink and Industry B051
1740/08/10 Moved with the squadron to St Helens B051
1740/08/25 Arrived in Madiera B051
1740/09/08 The squadron left St Helens B051
1740/11/03 Left Madiera B051
1740/12/21 Anchored at the island of St Catherine's B051
1741/01/18 Left St Catherine's sailing south along the coast of America B051
1741/02/18 Arrived at the island of St Julian B051
1741/02/27 Left the island of St Julian B051
1741/03/07 Passed the straights of Le Maire into the Pacific and became seperated form the rest of the squadron B051
1741/06/09 Arrived at Juan Fernandez B051
1741/07 Took the Carmelo a Spanish ship and fitted her as a cruiser B051
1741/09 Rejoined by Trial and a prize, the Trial was so badly damaged she was scuttled B051
1741/09 Boats under lieutenant Piercy Brett landed at and took Piata B051
1741/11/16 Left Piata B051
1741/11/18 Rejoined by Gloucester with two prizes B051
1741/12 Arrived at the island of Quibo B051
1741/12 Left Quibo for the coast of Mexico B051
1742/01/29 Off the pacific coast of Mexico B051
1742/04/07 Arrived in Acapulco in company with the Gloucester , and three prize ships B051
1742/05/08 Left the American coast in company with the Gloucester , the prizes having been scuttled B051
1742/08/16 The Gloucester was scuttled B051
1742/08/28 Arrived at Tinian B051
1742/10/21 Left Tinian B051
1742/11/12 Anchored in Macao Roads B051
1743/04/17 Left Macao B051
1743/05/01 Arrived off Formosa B051
1743/05/20 Arrived off Espiritu Santo B051
1743/06/20 Took the Nuestra Sennora de Covadonga, spanish galleon worth £500,000 B051
1743/07/14 Entered Canton where he sold the prize ship for $6,000 B051
1743/12/07 Left Canton B051
1744/03/11 Arrived at the Cape B051
1744/07/15 Arrived at Spithead B051
1744/12/15 Renamed Eagle B057
1745/11/15 Renamed Centurion B057
1746 Repaired and reduced to a 50 gun Fourth Rate B051
1751 In the Mediterranean B051
1754 Escorting troops to North America B051
1759 In North America B051
1762/05 In the English fleet to Havana commanded by Admiral Sir George Pocock B051
1762/06/06 Arrived off Havana B051
1769 Broken up at Chatham B051


Fleet Title Commander Date From Date To Source
No Fleets Listed


Actions & Battles
Date Source
1747/05/14 1st Battle of Cape Finisterre  


Notes on Ship
Spanish Gold  

The cargo which Centurion brought home amounted to 2,600,000 Pieces of Eight, 150,000 Ounces of Plate, 10 Bars of Gold and a large quantity of Gold and Silver Dust, totalling £1,250,000 Sterling. Commodore George Anson arrived in London on the 17th June and on Tuesday 19th a wagon laden with silver from Centurion arrived at the Bank of England under a strong guard.

On 4th July 32 more waggons laden with treasure from Portsmouth passed through St. James's Street, the Strand and Cheapside, in their way to the Tower. They were guarded by the ship's crew and preceded by the Officers with drawn swords. With "Musick playing and Colours flying, particularly that of the Aquapulca Prize."

On 31st October 1744 the crew of the Centurion received £300 1s each, as part of their prize money; after which about forty of them, attended by fiddlers, bag-pipers etc. with cockades in their hats, went to Stratford to regale themselves.


Id Link or Description Author
B057 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1714 - 1792 Rif Winfield
B051 Biographia Navalis - Volume IV John Charnock
B051 Biographia Navalis - Volume V John Charnock
B051 Biographia Navalis - Volume VI John Charnock

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