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HBMS Agamemnon (1781)

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Agamemnon, 64 Guns


Nationality British fs_gb.gif
Operated by The Royal Navy
Ordered 1777/02/05 B057
Laid Down 1777/05/00 B057
Launched 1781/04/10 B028
Shipyard Bucklers Hard B057
Design Class Ardent Class (1762)
Designer Thomas Slade B064
Constructor Henry Adams B064
Rate Third Rate
Type Ship of the Line
Out Service 1809/06/16 B028
Fate Wrecked B028


B064   Type Metric
Length of Gundeck 160' 2" Imperial Feet 48.82
Length of Keel 131' 103/4" Imperial Feet 40.2
Breadth 44' 5" Imperial Feet 13.54
Depth in Hold 18' 11" Imperial Feet 5.77
Draught Forward 12' 1" Imperial Feet 3.68
Draught Aft 17' 3" Imperial Feet 5.26
Burthen 1,38357/94 Tons BM
Calculated Burthen 13848/94 Tons BM  


1781/04/10 B064 Broadside Weight = 476
Upper Gun Deck 26 British 18-Pounder
Quarterdeck 10 British 32-Pound Carronade
Quarterdeck 2 British 9-Pounder
Forecastle 4 British 32-Pound Carronade
Forecastle 2 British 9-Pounder


Crew Complement
Date Men Notes Source
1781 500 Design establishment B064


Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1781/03 1783/06 Captain Benjamin Caldwell B064
1793/01/13 1796/06 Captain Horatio Nelson B064
1796/06 1796/09 Captain John Samuel Smith B064
1796/11 1802/04 Captain Robert Devereux Fancourt B064
1804/07 1805/09 Captain John Harvey B064
1805/09 1806/06 Captain Sir Edward Berry B064
1806/06 1806/11 Commander Joseph Spear B064
1806/11 1807 Captain William Charles Fahie B064
1807 1809/06/16 Captain Jonas Rose B064
Commissioned Officers
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1795/10/05 1796/06 Lieutenant James Noble W031
1804/08/03 1806/06/29 Lieutenant Hugh Cook NAO
1804/08/10 1806/10/27 Lieutenant Samuel Clarke NAO
1804/12/09 1806/06/04 Lieutenant William Coote NAO
1805/01/06 1807/07/28 Lieutenant Thomas Pinto NAO
1806/07/01 1809/08/07 Lieutenant Alexander Forsyth Parr NAO
Warrant Officers
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1796/06/11 1799/05/06 Gunner Francis Harris NAO
1804/08/03 1806/12/23 Purser Charles Ross NAO
1804/08/28 1809/08/07 Carpenter George Robins NAO
1805/03/26 1809/11/22 Gunner Archibald Freeburne NAO
1805/09/10 1806/04/16 Surgeon John Jemmison NAO
1805/09/23 1809/08/07 Boatswain Thomas Needham NAO
1805/09/29 1809/08/07 Sailmaker John Smith NAO
1805/10/18 1805/10/29 Master George Jonse NAO
1807/03/02 1809/08/07 Quartermaster Roger Judson NAO
1807/03/02 1809/08/07 Quartermaster James Robb NAO
Petty Officers
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1804/08/03 1807/09/29 Midshipman Charles Ross NAO
1804/08/12 1806/07/15 Midshipman Stewart Blacker NAO
1804/08/15 1809/08/06 Midshipman Joseph Chappell Woolnough NAO
1804/08/19 1807/02/04 Midshipman Thomas Jackson NAO
1804/08/30 1806/07/14 Midshipman James Emery NAO
1804/09/06 1807/11/24 Midshipman John Charles Cosens NAO
1804/09/21 1807/01/04 Midshipman William Watkins NAO
1804/10/28 1805/11/30 Midshipman Charles Stewart NAO
1805 1805 Midshipman Henry Boteler B080
1805/10/02 1807/03/01 Midshipman Roger Judson NAO
1805/10/02 1807/03/01 Midshipman James Robb NAO
1805/10/02 1807/03/02 Midshipman Robert Jeffry NAO
1805/10/09 1807/12/26 Midshipman Charles Alexander Johnston NAO
1805/10/10 1806/06/09 Midshipman Charles Lamb NAO
1805/10/29 1806/02/10 Midshipman Alexander Forsyth Parr NAO
1806/02/11 1806/06/30 Masters Mate Alexander Forsyth Parr NAO
1806/07/16 1809/04/19 Masters Mate Stewart Blacker NAO
1807/03/03 1809/08/07 Masters Mate Robert Jeffry NAO
1808 1810 Midshipman John Courtnay Bluett B080
1808/08/03 1808/08/07 Midshipman Charles Alexander Johnston NAO
1809/08/07 1809/08/07 Masters Mate Joseph Chappell Woolnough NAO
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1804/09/21 1805/10/01 Ordinary Seaman Roger Judson NAO
1804/09/24 1804/10/01 Able Seaman Robert Jeffry NAO
1804/10/04 1805 1st Class Volunteer Henry Boteler B080
1805/09/23 1805/10/01 Able Seaman James Robb NAO
1805/09/29 1805/10/09 Ordinary Seaman Charles Lamb NAO
1805/10/08 1805/10/08 1st Class Volunteer Charles Alexander Johnston NAO
1807/01/11 1807/03/13 Able Seaman William Watkins NAO
1807/04/02 1808 2nd Class Boy John Courtnay Bluett B080
1808/08/08 1809/08/07 Able Seaman Charles Alexander Johnston NAO


Service Record
Date Notes Source
1781/03 First commissioned B064
1781/04/10 Completed at Bucklers Hard at a cost of £24,415.7.7d B057
1781/04/15 Began coppering and fitting at Portsmouth DY B057
1781/07/09 Completed coppering and fitting at a cost of £13,844.5.10d B057
1782/02/06 Sailed for the Leeward islands B057
1782/04/09 Present at the Action off Dominica  
1782/04/12 Present at the Battle of the Saintes  
1782/07/21 Sailed to America B057
1783/06 Sailed home to pay off B057
1783/06 Paid off B064
1783/10 Began small repair at Chatham DY B057
1784/06 Completed small repair at a cost of £12,593.0.9d B057
1790/10 Began fitting at Chatham DY B057
1790/11 Began middling repair at Chatham DY B057
1790/11 Completed fitting at a cost of £504.9.6d B057
1791/08 Completed middling repair at a cost of £12,110.0.0d B057
1793/01 Began fitting at Chatham DY B057
1793/01/31 Recommissioned B057
1793/03 Completed fitting at a cost of £4,882.0.0d B057
1793/05/04 Sailed for the Mediterranean B064
1794 In the Mediterranean fleet B064
1795/03/13 In action B064
1795/03/14 Present at the Action off Genoa  
1795/07/13 In action B064
1796 Operations off Vado B064
1796/04/25 At Loano Bay B064
1796/05/31 Convoy off Onaglia B064
1796/09 Paid off B064
1796/10 refitting at Chatham DY at a cost of £10,623.0.0d B057
1796/11 Recommissioned B064
1801/04/02 Present at the Battle of Copenhagen  
1802/04 Paid off B064
1802/04 Began fitting at Chatham DY B057
1804/07 Recommissioned for the Channel fleet B064
1804/09 Completed fitting at a cost of £17,695.0.0d B057
1805/07/22 Present at 3rd Battle of Cape Finisterre  
1805/09 refitting at Portsmouth DY at a cost of £51,290.0.0d B057
1805/10/21 Present at the Battle of Trafalgar, 2 Killed, 8 Wounded  
1806/02/06 Present at the Action of San Domingo  
1806/03/24 Took La Lutine in the West Indies  
1806/03/30 Took the privateer Dame Ernouf  
1807/08 In the Copenhagen expedition B064
1807/08/15 Present at Second Battle of Copenhagen  
1808/01/01 Sailed for the Tagus and then to South America B064
1809/06/16 Wrecked off Maldonado in the River Plate B064


Fleet Title Commander Date From Date To Source
Pigot's Fleet to America 1782/07/00 1783/00/00


Actions & Battles
Date Source
1782/04/09 Action off Dominica
1782/04/12 Battle of the Saintes
1795/03/14 Action off Genoa
1801/04/02 Battle of Copenhagen
1805/07/22 3rd Battle of Cape Finisterre
1805/10/21 Battle of Trafalgar
1806/02/06 Action of San Domingo
1807/08/15 Second Battle of Copenhagen


Notes on Ship
No Notes Entered


Id Link or Description Author
B057 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1714 - 1792 Rif Winfield
B028 Ships of the Royal Navy - Volume I J. J. Colledge
B064 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1793-1817 Rif Winfield
W031 Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Oxford University Press
NAO The National Archive - Trafalgar Ancestors Various
B080 A Naval Biographical Dictionary 1849 O'Brien

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