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HBMC Hart (1643)

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Hart, 12 Guns

Nationality British
Previously Name Unknown
Captured 1643/00/00 B028
Shipyard Captured B028
Rate Sixth Rate
Type Ship
Out Service 1652/08 B028
Fate Captured B028

B028   Type Metric
Burthen 120 Tons BM

Total Guns 12

Crew Complement
Date Men Notes Source
No Details Known

Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1644 1644 Post Captain George Batts B164
1645 1645 Post Captain Roger Beere B164
1646 1648 Post Captain John Bowen W015
1649 1650 Post Captain Philip Goose B164
1650 1651 Post Captain John Seaman B164
1651 1652/08 Post Captain James Coppin B164

Service Record
Date Notes Source
1652/08 Taken by three Dutch privateers in the North Sea B164

Fleet Title Commander Date From Date To Source
Winter Guard of 1646 1646/00/00 1646/00/00

Actions & Battles
Date Source
No Actions Listed

Notes on Ship
Prisoners taken by the Hart English Parliamentary Journals
House of Lords, 2 October 1647 Whereas Captain Bowen, Commander of The Hart Frigatt, hath lately taken at Sea an Irish Frigate, having aboard her, at her Taking, about Forty Irish, who are Prisoners at Portsm�.; and whereas Captain Beddall, Captain of The Adventure Frigat, hath also taken an Irish Frigate on the West of England, having aboard her, at her Taking, near Forty Irish, who are Prisoners at Plymouth; and forasmuch as this Committee is informed, That they draw a great Charge upon the State, in the several Places wherein they are imprisoned, for their Maintenance: Ordered, That Report be made of this Matter to both Houses of Parliament, with a Desire that they will please to declare how the said Prisoners shall be disposed of.
British Parliaments frigate Het Hart, brought up at Flushing by Philip Ras and sold there 23 August 1652 (Taken from the financial accounts of the admiralty of Zealand - 1st account vendumeester Louis Baqueman at Flushing (inv.no. C 44560))

Id Link or Description Author
B028 Ships of the Royal Navy - Volume I J. J. Colledge
B164 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1603 - 1714 Rif Winfield
W015 English Parliamentary Journals Various

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