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Great Britain

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Ensign of the White Squadron (after 1801)


British ship pages will be distinguished by the prefixes HBMS, HBMF, HBMUS, HMBOV or HBV - His/Her Britannic Majesty's Ship/Frigate/Unrated/ Ship, Other Vessel or Hired British Vessel - before ship´s name. These abbreviations will help distinguish similar ship´s names between nations and government warships from privateers or privately-owned merchantmen. All pages are suffixed with the date of launch E.g. HBMS Victory (1765)



British Ships in Alphabetical Order

British Ships by Rate

1st Rates 2nd Rates 3rd Rates 4th Rates
5th Rates 6th Rates Unrated British Hired Vessels
British Privateers      

Abstracts of Ship Numbers by Year

Naval Flags Personalities Shipyards Ship Classes

The Navy list as presented to Parliament 2nd December 1692

The Royal Navy 1624

King's Ships 1642

British Battles and Actions

Composition of British Fleets

Royalist Ships of the English Civil Wars


Ensign of the Blue Squadron (after 1801) Ensign of the Red Squadron (after 1801)

"England Expects That Every Man Will Do His Duty". Horatio Nelson, near Cape Trafalgar, October 21st, 1805



Cy Harrison is the person in charge of the British Navy data


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