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George Henry Preble

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Officer of the American Navy

Officer of the American Navy

George Henry Preble

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Personal Details
Date of Birth 1600  
Father Enoch Preble
Mother Sally Cross
Wife Susan Zabiah
Uncle Edward Preble
Date of Death 1885/03/01  
Place of Death Boston  
Naval Service Events
Ship Date From Date To Event Source
Promoted to Midshipman, 10th December 1835 W016
United States 1836/05/01 1838/11/22 Midshipman
Warren 1839/01/25 1840/09/23 Midshipman
1841/01/01 Entered the Naval School
1841/06/22 Warranted as a Passed Midshipman
Madison 1841/08/16 1842/08/13 Acting Lieutenant
St Louis 1843/05/23 1843/08/09 Acting Master
St Louis 1843/08/09 1845/09/20 Acting Lieutenant
Petrel 1846/05/30 1847 Acting Master
1847 Invalided home in the Ohio
1847/05/31 Arrived home
Promoted to Master, 15th July 1847 W016
Promoted to Lieutenant, 5th February 1848 W016
Saratoga 1848/02/05 1849/03/01 Lieutenant
1849/04/30 Ordered to the U. S. Coast Survey attahced to the steamer Legree
Vermont 1852/12/18 1853/03/31 Midshipman
St Lawrence 1853 1852/08/21 Lieutenant
Macedonian 1853/03/31 1854/08 Lieutenant
1854/08 Placed in command of the steamer Queen (4), chartered by Commodore Perry
Macedonian 1855/03/31 1856/08/14 Lieutenant
1859/09/12 Placed as a Lieutenant of the Narragansett of 1859, a 2nd class screw sloop
1861/11/23 Left his post in the Narragansett
1862/02/17 Took command of the Katahdin W016
Promoted to Commander, 16th July 1862 W016
Promoted to Captain, 16th March 1867 W016
1867/03/16 Took command of the Pensacola W016
Promoted to Commodore, 2nd November 1871 W016
1873 Took command of the Philadelphia Navy Yard W016
1875 Left the Philadelphia Navy Yard W016
Promoted to Rear-Admiral, 30th September 1876 W016
Promoted to Rear-Admiral (retired), 1878 W016
Personal Events
Date Event Source
1845/11/18 Married Susan

Notes on Officer
Other service A genealogical Sketch of the First Three Generations of Prebles in America
During his appointment to the Warren he also served on the Macedonian, Levant and Erie

Id Link or Description Author
W016 Wikipedia Various
A genealogical Sketch of the First Three Generations of Prebles in America George Henry Preble

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