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Francois Guillemotte de Villebois

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Officer of the Russian Navy

Francois Guillemotte de Villebois


Personal Details


Date of Birth 1674 w046
Place of Birth France
Father's Name    
Mother's Name    
Date of Death 1760 w046

Naval Service Details



Date Ship Notes Source



Date Ship Notes Source



Date Ship Notes Source



Date Ship Notes Source

Other Details


Service Record


Details Source
1690 Began service with French navy w046
1692 Captured by the British and taken into their service w046
1698 Sent to accompany the visiting fleet of Pyotr I, and is taken into Russian service. w046
1699 With Pyotr I at Voronezh and Azov w046
1700-1721 Participated in the Great Northern War w046
1717-jun-18 Promoted to Captain-Lieutenant w046
1721 Promoted to Captain of the first rank w046
1721 Commanded the Pantelejmon Viktoija w046
1722 Commanded the first squadron in the persian campaign w046
1723 Commanded the Svyatoy Mikhail in the Gulf of Finland w046
1724 Head of ST Petersburg naval command w046
1726 Commanded the Narva at Kronstadt. w046
1731 Leave for illness w046
1733 Apponited assitant to the Commander of Kronstadt w046
1741 Promoted to Rear Admiral w046
1743 Chief Commander of Kronstadt w046
1744 Dismissed on request and appointed to resident commander at the Admiralty College w046
1746-sep-05 Raised his flag on the Svyatoy Aleksandr, sailed to the fleet, and was awarded The Order of Saint Alexander Nevsky w046
1747-sep-05 Dismissed from the service with the rank of Vice Admiral w046




























Actions & Battles
Date Details Source








aka: Nikita Petrovich Vilboa





w046 http://baza.vgd.ru/1/41252/






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