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Francis Wheler

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Officer of the British Navy


Francis Wheler

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Personal Details
Date of Death 1694/02/19 B051
Place of Death Mediterranean Sea  
Naval Service Events
Ship Date From Date To Event Source
Promoted to Lieutenant, 30th April 1678 B051
Rupert 1678/04/30 1679/05/05 Lieutenant B051
Rupert 1679/05/05 1680/04/06 First Lieutenant B051
Bristol 1680/04/06 1680/09/11 First Lieutenant B051
Promoted to Post Captain, 11th September 1680 B051
Nonsuch 1680/09/11 1680/08 As Captain B029
Kingfisher 1681/08/09 1683/08/25 As Captain B051
Tiger 1683/08/25 1688/09/18 As Captain B051
Centurion 1688/09/18 1688/11/16 As Captain B051
Kent 1688/11/16 1689 As Captain B051
Rupert 1689/04 1690 As Captain B051
Albemarle 1690 1691 As Captain B029
  1690/06/30 Present at the Battle of Beachy Head  
Promoted to Rear-Admiral of the Blue, 1692 B051
  1692 Appointed commander in chief of a squadron sent to the West Indies B051
Resolution 1693/01 1693/02/05 As Flag Officer B051
Sussex 1693/10 1694/02/19 As Flag Officer B029
Personal Events
Date Event Source
1689 Appointed Knight Bachelor  


Notes on Officer
Name? Biographia Navalis - Volume II
Charnock calls him Sir Francis Wheeler


Id Link or Description Author
B051 Biographia Navalis - Volume II John Charnock
B029 The Royal Navy Vol II William Laid Clowes

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