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Flotilla Actions

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Flotilla Actions

A list of smaller actions involving three or more vessels.

For larger engagements and battles click here

For single ship actions click here

Click on the date for more details and a description of the action.

The First Anglo-Dutch War - Great Britain vs The United Provinces (1652 - 1654)


22nd May 1652Notes


President vs Zeelandia The Dutch struck after an exchange of fire, but were let go
Nightingale Kampen
The Second Anglo-Dutch War - Great Britain vs The United Provinces (1665 - 1667)


February 1665Notes


Yarmouth (44) vs Eendracht (32) The Dutch were both taken
Diamond (44) Jonge Leeuw (22)
Mermaid (22)
5th February 1667Notes


Saint Patrick (48) vs Delft (34) The Malaga Merchant sailed off without engaging, leaving the Saint Patrick to be taken.
Malaga Merchant (4) Schakerloo (28)
War of Spanish Succession (1701 - 1714)


10th April 1703Notes


Salisbury vs Adroit The Muscovia Merchant struck immediatly, the Adventure withdrew and the Salisbury was taken after a two hour engagement
Adventure Ludlow
Muscovia Merchant Milford
  A Spanish Man-of-War
  A small privateer
  A small privateer
  A small privateer
War of the Austrian Succession (1740 - 1748)


19th April 1740Notes


Orford (70) vs Princesa (64) The Princesa was taken
Kent (70)
Lennox (70)
25th July 1741Notes


Dragon (60) vs Boree (62) The Action was a mistake and the vessels parted the next day with apologies all round
Folkestone (44) Aquilon (46)
Faversham (44) Flore (26)
8th May 1744Notes


Northumberland (64) vs Content (64) The Northumberland was taken
Mars (64)
Venus (26)
6th January 1745Notes


Hampton Court (64) vs Neptune (74) The Mars was retaken, the other French vessels escaped into brest
Captain Fleuron
Sunderland (58) Mars (Prize)
Dreadnought (60)
The American Wars of Independence


21st January 1782Notes


Hannibal (50) vs Heros (74) The Hannibal was taken
Artesien (64)
The French Revolutionary Wars (1793 - 1802)


23rd April 1794Notes


Arethusa (38) vs Engageante (36) Engageante, Pomone and Babet were taken
Flora (36) Pomone (40)
Melampus (36) Resolue (36)
Concorde (36) Babet (20)
Nymphe (36)
8th June 1794Notes


Crescent (36) vs Scevola (44) The British squadron escaped into Guernsey road
Druid (32) Brutus (44)
Eurydice (24) Danae (36)
  Felicite (36)
  Unidentified Brig (14)
9th March 1797Notes


San Fiorenzo (36) vs Resistance (40) Both French ships were taken
Nymphe (36) Constance (22)
15th July 1798Notes


Lion (64) vs Pomona (34) The Santa Dorotea was taken
Prosperpine (34)
Santa Casilda (34)
Santa Dorotea (34)
The Napoleonic Wars (1803 - 1815)


5th October 1804Notes


Medusa (32) vs Fama (34)
Indefatigable (44) Medea (40)
Amphion (32) Mercedes (36)
Lively (38) Santa Clara (40)
13th February 1805Notes


San Fiorenzo (36) vs Psyche (32) The Psyche was taken
Equivoque (4)
13th September 1810Notes


Africaine (38) vs Astree (40) The Africaine struck but was retaken within hours
Iphigenie (36)
The American War of Independence - USA vs Great Britain (1775 - 1780)


9th March 1778Notes


Ariadne vs Alfred Alfred was taken
The War of 1812 - USA vs Great Britain (1812 - 1814)


23rd June 1812Notes


Belvidera vs President Belvidera escaped
3rd June 1813, on Lake ChamplainNotes


Gunboat vs Growler Eagle was sunk and Growler run ashore and taken
Gunboat Eagle

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