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Edward Nathaniel Greensword

Page history last edited by Cy 14 years, 7 months ago

Officer of the British Navy

Officer of the British Navy

Edward Nathaniel Greensword

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Personal Details
Date of Birth 1774  
Date of Death 1845/06/17 B080
Place of Death Boulogne-sur-Mer  
Naval Service Events
Ship Date From Date To Event Source
Berwick 1790/09/07 1790/09/11 Able Seaman IPC
Berwick 1790/09/12 1790/12/16 Midshipman IPC
Hector 1790/12/17 1791/12/05 Able Seaman IPC
Rose 1793/07/23 1794/01/17 Able Seaman IPC
Rose 1794/01/18 1794/07/17 Midshipman IPC
Sceptre 1794/07/18 1796/08/19 Masters Mate IPC
Coromandel 1795/07/02 1796/05 Midshipman B080
Belliqueux 1796/05 1798/10/08 Midshipman W005
Moselle 1796/08/20 1796/11/18 Masters Mate IPC
Royal George 1796/11/19 1797/07/12 Masters Mate IPC
Triumph 1797/07/13 1797/10/10 Masters Mate IPC
Triumph 1797/10/11 1798/05/13 Acting Lieutenant IPC
1797/10/11 Present at the Battle of Camperdown  
1798/06/06 Passed the Lieutenant's Examination IPC
Ramillies 1798/07/12 1798/10/08 Acting Lieutenant PMD
Promoted to Lieutenant, 8th October 1798 W032
Woolwich 1798/10/08 1800/02/24 Lieutenant W005
Canada 1799/12 1800/02 Lieutenant PMD
1800/02/24 Sent sick to Haslar hospital B080
1803 Obtained a commission in the Sea Fencibles  
Tigress 1804 1808/08/02 As Captain W005
1808/08/02 Taken in the Great Belt by 16 Danish gun-vessels after a contest of one hours' duration, and a loss of two men killed and eight wounded W005
Manly 1809 1810 As Captain PMD
Fyen 1810 1812 As Captain B064
Promoted to Superannuated Commander, 26th November 1830 B080
1842/01/05 Promoted to the senior list of retired commanders B080
Personal Events
Date Event Source

Notes on Officer
Early service? A Naval Biographical Dictionary 1849
His name had been 'on the books' of the Brine and London for seven years prior to actually going to sea.

Two documents relating to Edward Greensword have kindly been supplied by his descendant Gary Greensword.
These can be viewed by following these links:

Id Link or Description Author
B080 A Naval Biographical Dictionary 1849 O'Brien
IPC Individual's Passing Certificate
W005 Naval History of Great Britain William James
PMD Private manuscript documents
W032 Commissioned Sea Officers of the Royal Navy David Bonner Smith
B064 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1793-1817 Rif Winfield

Last Updated :2009/12/07 at 17:01:54 by Cy

Comments (4)

Cy said

at 8:36 am on Nov 19, 2009

Does the log give a rating and date of boarding? Essington took command of the Triumph in Sept. 1797, but that doesn't mean Greensword moved at the same date. I assume the acting position was to replace casualties amongst the officers?


Gary Greensword said

at 5:59 am on Nov 19, 2009

Cy, the information quoted in Byrne's Naval Biographical Dictionary regarding my ancestor was erroneous. I am in possession a photo copy of the "Triumphs" log written in Capt. Essington's own hand with ENG's name on the roster at the time of Camperdown. I also have a photo copy of the ships ENG sailed on during the Napoleonc wars written in his own hand, placing him on the Triumph at the time of Camperdown and was made acting Lieutenant Oct. 11 1797, by Essington. ENG was also with Essington on the "Septre", "Moiselle" and "Sea Fencibles" as well.... Respsectfully Gary L. Greensword

Cy said

at 10:24 am on Nov 17, 2009

Interesting. The presence at Capmperdown is quoted in Byrne's Naval Biographocal Dictionalry 1849. "...embarked 2nd July 1795 on board the Coromandel, Capt. John Ingliss, under whom, on removing to the Belliqueux 64, he bore a part in the action off Camperdown 11 Oct 1797." Inglis recomissioned the Belliqueux iin May 1696, so presumably Greensword went with him at that time?
Can you please let me know the source for your assertion?
thanks Cy

Gary Greensword said

at 6:00 am on Nov 17, 2009

Please be advised that Edward Nathaniel Greensword actually served aboard HMS "Triumph" under Capt. William Essington at the Battle of Camerdown.

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