DHV Kalmar Sleutel (1652)

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Kalmar Sleutel, 20 Guns



Nationality Dutch
Dutch Admiralty Admiralty of the Maze  
Launched 1651/00/00  
Shipyard Hired  
Rate Hired Merchant  
Type Ship  
Out Service 1652/07/22  
Fate Sunk in Action  


W014   Type Metric
Length of Gundeck 102' 0" Amsterdam Feet  
Breadth 25' 0" Amsterdam Feet  
Depth in Hold 11' 0" Amsterdam Feet  
Height Between Decks 6' 0" Amsterdam Feet  


1652 W014 Broadside Weight = 34
Gun Deck 4 Dutch 8-Pounder
Gun Deck 6 Dutch 6-Pounder
1652/09/27 W014 Broadside Weight = 68
Gun Deck 8 Dutch 8-Pounder
Gun Deck 6 Dutch 6-Pounder
Gun Deck 6 Dutch 4-Pounder
Gun Deck 4 Dutch 3-Pounder


Crew Complement
Date Men Notes Source
1652 90   W014
1652/07 80   W014


Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1652 1652/07/22 Kaptein Dirk Vich W014


Service Record
Date Notes Source
No Details Known


Fleet Title Commander Date From Date To Source
No Fleets Listed


Actions & Battles
Date Source
No Actions Listed


Notes on Ship
Ron van Maanen's list "Oorlogsschepen van de admiraliteit van de Maze in de zeventiende en achttiende eeuw" says that the ship was 20 years old in 1652, and was engaged on fishery protection duties


Id Link or Description Author
W014 Anglo-Dutch Wars BLOG James C Bender

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