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Details' fields description of a ship's record. Some of them are optional or may not be listed.


Former Former name and nationality if the ship was captured or bought to/from another nation.
Nationality Ship's nationality, from in till end service date. Distingued with national naval flag.
Ordered Ordered ship´s building date by the King/Queen or National administration.
Started Starting ship's building date. Keel's laid down date.
Named Date when the name was given to the ship by the King/Queen or National administration.
Launched Ship's launching to the water date, finished construcction.
Shipyard Name where the ship was built and dockyard if know.
Plans Author's or Designer's name of the building plans.
Constructor Person in charge of the building; engineer or master builder.
Suplier Privateer in charge of the building, could be also the constructor (sp: Asentista).
Decks Ship's number of decks (1-4).
Rate Ship's rate, acording to his guns & british rate system. See Rates for more info.
National Rate Ship's rate, acording to his national rate system. See Rates for more info.
Class Class name if same plans were used to built diferent ships (twins or sisters ships).
System Ship's construction system. Acording to the system, diferent rules were used.
Crew/Complement People in the ship for sailing. In war times, was raised with more sailors and marines.
In Service Ship's starting naval activity date under a commander, crew and flag. Commissioned
End Service Ship´s last action or in service know date.
Fate End of service causes. See below for examples
Next Ship's name and nation if his/her fate was captured, sold or transfered.


Fates Short description
Broke up Due to wood sickness, old, useless or new construction.
Blew up Due to combat or accidentaly.
Burnt Was burned by enemy, crew or accidently.
Captured Was capture by the enemy.
Hulked Used to hold goods or prisioners.
Out of service Was taking out of the navy list.
Scuttled To prevent capture or blocking enemy ships pass.
Sold Sold to a privateer or to another nation.
Steam Converted to steam ship.
Stranded Run aground.
Stricken Out of action manouver.
Sunk The ship sunk due to a battle or damages.
Transfered To other nation.
Wrecked The ship sunk due to bad weather.
Returned Gave back to his previous owner.
Unknow No data provided.



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