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Cayetano Valdes

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D. Cayetano Valdes y de Flores Bazan y Peon

17th Capitan General de la Armada


Born1767-sep-28@ Sevilla
Alferez de fragata1782-dec-21Frigate's Sub Lieutenant
Alferez de navio1783-sep-26Ship's Sub Lieutenant
Teniente de fragata1785-jun-14Lieutenant
Teniente de navio1788-jun-07First Lieutenant
Capitan de fragata1791-mar-01Commander
Capitan de navio1794-jan-25Post Captain
Jefe de Escuadra1805-nov-09Rear Admiral
Teniente General1809-mar-09Vice Admiral
Capitan General1835-jan-27Admiral of the Fleet
Died1835-feb-06@ San Fernando, Cadiz

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