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British Officers Y

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Page Heirarchy:Home:Great Britain:British Personalities:British Commissioned Officers

All Commissioned Officers



Yaldwyn, Richard
Yard, Eastly1697/09/07
Yard, William1778/03/08
Yarker, Robert1794/08/231805/04/101808/04/29
Yates, Edward Vernon1755/10/291760/06/02

Yates, James Thomas1814/06/27
Yates, Lennox M'Bean1809/08/31
Yates, Richard Augustus1809/05/101814/06/07

Yates, Robert B1800/09/051814/11/15

Yates, Robert Winthrop1810/02/14
Yates, Thomas1782/06/24
Yates, Vernon Gambier1801/11/12
Yeaman, Alexander1815/02/10
Yeates, Edward Vernon1801/04/201760/06/02

Yeats, John Samuel1815/02/02
Yelland, Edward1778/10/27
Yelland, Edward1815/02/25
Yelland, John1783/03/131801/04/271806/01/22
Yennis, Ezekiel1672/05/2816651672
Yeo, George Cosby1815/06/09
Yeo, Sir James Lucas1797/02/201805/06/211807/12/19
Yeo, John1756/12/031718/06/271747/07/25

Yeo, William1776/06/201778/10/011782/12/21
Yeoman, Barnard1812/02/061815/06/13

Yeomans, Sherwood
Yetts, John1761/01/19
Yetts, Robert1796/03/31
Yeunis, Ezekiel1672/05/28
Yonge, Charles Brown1804/11/10
Yonge, Edmund1815/03/06
Yonge, William1748/07/081755/08/05

Yorke, Sir Joseph Sydney1768/06/061831/05/051789/06/161790/11/191793/02/04
Young, Alexander1806/08/30
Young, Andrew1806/01/22
Young, Anthony16731679/07/09
Young, Archibald1782/11/20
Young, Archibald1795/06/10
Young, Benjamin1664
Young, Benjamin1709/09/091728/06/201740/09/27
Young, Benjamin1741/11/20
Young, Charles1800/08/30
Young, David1747/01/07
Young, Sir George173218101761/11/161768/09/291777/11/07
Young, George1805/11/27
Young, George1808/09/22
Young, George1810/05/03
Young, George Forbes Freeman1790/11/20
Young, Gilbert1740/11/251746/07/03

Young, Harry16661666
Young, Isaac1695/10/28
Young, Jacob Ley1813/04/07
Young, James1789/01/241739/03/091743/05/16
Young, James1782/10/101794/04/171795/10/05
Young, James1801/02/10
Young, James1813/02/02
Young, John1672
Young, John1744/02/11
Young, John1745/10/17
Young, John1762/09/021780/12/091796/10/03
Young, John James1796/07/14
Young, John T1803/04/11
Young, John Wilmot1815/11/02
Young, Matthew1806/02/13
Young, Michael1665
Young, Patrick1746/04/14
Young, Richard1740/09/27
Young, Richard1796/06/28
Young, Robert1719/04/12
Young, Robert1754/12/041741/04/131741/10/01
Young, Robert1760/08/28
Young, Robert1783/01/22
Young, Robert1797/11/02
Young, Robert Benjamin1796/01/261810/10/21

Young, Robert Parry1777/10/18
Young, Stewart1755/02/06
Young, Thomas17841831/05/051795/091801/10/081806/11/051817/01/01
Young, Thomas Bristow1794/04/181813/11/24

Young, Tobias1812/10/20
Young, Walter1765/11/011779/02/281779/10/01
Young, William1720/05/13
Young, William1783/07/031798/07/031802/04/29
Younger, Thomas1800/09/10
Younger, William1665
Younghusband, George1761/06/17
Younghusband, George1794/11/111800/09/061804/09/06
Yowell, Edward1812/11/21
Yule, John1797/03/111805/12/24

Yule, Robert1849/02/111802/10/029999/99

Note: Dates in italics are the date of promotion to Superannuated (retired) Commander or Captain

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