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British Alphabetical

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All British Ships in Alphabetical Order


These lists include an seperate entry for all Royal Navy vessels in service at any time between 1650 and 1850 (with a few from outside these dates). Renamed vessels are included as a seperate entry for each name, but all link to the original name and date of launch. Rebuilt vessels are treated as a seperate vessel.


Due to the large number of ships involved (5,145) they are split into several pages, please follow the links below.


Abeille - Avon421 VesselsBabet - Buzzard333 Vessels
Ca Ira - Cyrus446 VesselsDaedalus - Dwarf261 Vessels
Eagle - Eyderen216 VesselsFagons - Fylla267 Vessels
Gaiete - Guinea212 VesselsHaarlem - Hyperion290 Vessels
Icarus - Justitia163 VesselsKangaroo - Kronprincessen51 Vessels
Lacedaemonian - Lys222 VesselsMacedonian - Myrtle335 Vessels
Nabob - Nymphen141 VesselsOak - Oxford72 Vessels
Pacahunta - Pyramus402 VesselsQuail - Queenborough20 Vessels
Raccoon - Rye314 VesselsSabine - Shrewsbury290 Vessels
Sibyl - Syren345 VesselsTagus - Tyrone217 Vessels
Ulysses - Utrecht43 VesselsValette - Vulure132 Vessels
Waaksaamheidt - Wye139 VesselsXenophon - Zephyr33 Vessels

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