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Naval Battles

1650- 1850


Sorted by date.

Detailed only the ones in green.


Year Month Day Battle Name/s Defeated Winner
1650 Nov 5th Action in Cartagena Bay English Royalist Commonwealth of England
1651 Jul 8th Battle of Santorini Ottoman Empire Venice
1651 Jul 10th Battle of Paros Ottoman Empire Venice
1652 May 29th Battle of Dover or Goodwin Sands Netherlands Britain
1652 Aug 16th Battle of Plymouth Britain Netherlands
1652 Aug 28th Battle of Elba or Monte Cristo Britain Netherlands
1652 Oct 8th Battle of Kentish Knock Netherlands Britain
1652 Dec 10th Battle of Dungeness Britain Netherlands
1653 Feb-Mar 28th-2nd Battle of Portland Netherlands Britain
1653 Mar 4th Battle of Livorno or Leghorn Britain Netherlands
1653 Jun 12-13th Battle of the Gabbard Netherlands Britain
1653 Aug 8-10th Battle of Scheveningen Netherlands Britain
1654 Mar 23rd 1st Battle of Colombo Netherlands Portugal
1654 May 2nd 2nd Battle of Colombo Portugal Netherlands
1654 May 16th 1st Battle of Dardanelles Venice Ottoman Empire
1654 Jun 21st Battle of Milo Ottoman Empire Venice
1655 Jun 21st 2nd Battle of Dardanelles Ottoman Empire Venice & Maltese
1656 Jun 26th 3rd Battle of Dardanelles Ottoman Empire Venice & Maltese
1657 Apr 18th Battle of Santa Cruz Spain Britain
1657 May 3rd Battle of Chios Algerines Venice
1657 May 18th Battle of Suazich Algerines Venice
1657 Jul 17-19th 4th Battle of Dardanelles Ottoman Empire Venice, Pontifical & Order of St John
1657 Sep 12th Battle of Falsterbo or Moen Sweden Denmark & Netherlands
1658 May 19th Battle of Imbros Ottoman Empire Venice
1658 Oct 29th Battle of Sound Sweden Denmark & Netherlands
1659 Mar 30th Action of March 1659 Sweden Denmark & Netherlands
1659 Apr 30th Action of April 1659 Sweden Denmark & Netherlands
1659     Liberation of Nyborg Sweden Denmark & Netherlands
1659 Aug 26th Action of August 1659 Ottoman Empire Venice
1660 May 26th Action of May 1660 Ottoman Empire Venice
1660 Jun 12th Action of June 1660 Ottoman Empire Venice
1661 Mar ? Action of March 1661 Ottoman Empire Venice
1661 May 18th Action of May 1661 Ottoman Empire Venice
1661 Aug 27th Battle of Milos Ottoman Empire Venice & Maltese
1662 Sep 29th Battle of Kos Ottoman Empire Venice
1664 Dec 29th British action against Dutch merchant Netherlands Britain
1665 Jun 13th Battle of Lowestoft Netherlands Britain
1665 Aug 2nd Battle of Bergen Britain Netherlands
1666 May 20th Battle of Nevis Britain Netherlands & France
1666 Jun 11-14th Four Days Battle - (La Manche) Britain Netherlands
1666 Aug 4-5th St James Day Battle Netherlands Britain
1666 Aug 8th Holmes Bonfire Netherlands Britain
1667     Battle of Martinique France Britain
1667 Feb 25-26th Battle of Canea Ottoman Empire Venice
1667 Jun 9-14th Battle of Chatham - Raid on the Medway Britain Netherlands
1668 Mar 8-9th Battle of Candia Bay - Battle of Pelagia Ottoman Empire Venice
1668 Sep ? Action of September 1668 Ottoman Empire Venice
1670 Aug ? Battle near Gibraltar Algerine Netherlands & Britain
1672 Mar 13/14th

Battle of Smyrna Convoy 

Admiral Holmes' action agaisnt Dutch Merchant

Netherlands Britain
1672 Jun 7th Battle of Solebay Britain & France Netherlands
1673 Jun 7th 1st Battle of Schooneveld France & Britain Netherlands
1673 Jun 14th 2nd Battle of Schooneveld France & Britain Netherlands
1673 Aug 21st Battle of Texel or Kijkduin Britain & France Netherlands
1676 Jan 8th Battle of Stromboli or Alicuri France Netherlands
1676 Apr 22nd Battle of Augusta, Agosta or Etna Netherlands & Spain France
1676 May 25-26th Battle of Bornholm Sweden Denmark & Netherlands
1676 Jun 1st 1st Battle of Oland Sweden Denmark & Netherlands
1676 Jun 2nd Battle of Palermo Netherlands & Spain France
1677 Feb-Mar 21-11th 1st Battle of Tobago France Netherlands
1677 Jun 1st Battle of Moen Sweden Denmark & Netherlands
1677 Jul 1st 1st Battle of Koge Bay Sweden Denmark
1677 Dec 11th 2nd Battle of Tobago Netherlands France
1678     1st Battle of Ouessant France Netherlands
1679 May 3rd Action of May 1679 Sweden Denmark
1679 Jun/Jul 26/28/2nd Action of June 1679 Sweden Denmark
1679 Jul 20th Action of July 1679 Sweden Denmark
1686 Jul 12th Battle of Nicaria Ottoman Empire & Tripoli Venice
1686 Oct 4th 1st Battle of Mytilene Ottoman Empire Venice
1688 Jun 15th Battle east of Naxos Ottoman Empire Venice
1689 May 1st Battle of Bantry Bay Britain France
1690 Mar 26th Action of March 1690 Venice Ottoman Empire & Algerine
1690 Jul 10th Battle of Beachy Head or Beveziers Netherlands & Britain France
1690     Battle of Madras France Britain & Netherlands
1690 Sep 8-9th 2nd Battle of Mytilene Ottoman Empire, Tripoli,
Tunis & Algerine
1692 May 27th Battle of Barfleur France Netherlands & Britain
1692 Jun 3rd Battle of La Hogue France Netherlands & Britain
1693 Jun 27th 1st Battle of Lagos Netherlands & Britain France
1694 Feb 9/19th Battle of Spalmadori Venice Ottoman Empire
1694 Jun 29th Action of June 1694 Netherlands France
1695 Feb 9/19th Action of February 1695 Venice Ottoman Empire
1695 Sep 15th Battle of Chios Ottoman Empire Venice
1695 Sep 18th 3rd Battle of Mytilene Venice Ottoman Empire
1696 Aug 22nd Battle of Andros Ottoman Empire Venice
1696     French attack on Dutch convoy Netherlands France
1697 Jul 6th Battle of Lemnos Ottoman Empire Venice
1697 Sep 1st Battle of Negroponte Venice Ottoman Empire
1697 Sep 20th 2nd Battle of Negroponte Ottoman Empire Venice
1698 Sep 20th Battle of Samothrace Venice Ottoman Empire
1702 Oct 23rd Battle of Vigo Bay France & Spain Netherlands & Britain
1703 May 22nd Cap de la Roque Britain & Netherlands France
1704 Aug 24th Battle of Malaga France Netherlands & Britain
1705 Mar 21st Battle of Marbella France Portugal, Netherlands & Britain
1707 May 1st Action off Brighthelmstone Britain France
1707 Oct 21st Battle of the Lizard Britain France
1710 Oct 4th 2nd Battle of Koge Bay Denmark Sweden
1712 Apr 11th Battle of Fladestrand Denmark Sweden
1712 Jul 31st 1st Battle of Rugen Denmark Sweden
1712 Aug 17th 2nd Battle of Rugen Sweden Denmark
1712 Aug 28th Battle of Cape Arcona Denmark Sweden
1712 Sep 28th Action of September 1712 Denmark Sweden
1714 Jul 26-27th Battle of Hanko or Gangut Sweden Russia
1715 Apr 22-24th Battle of Fehmarnbelt Sweden Denmark
1715 Jul 20th Battle of Uznam Sweden Denmark
1715 Dec 8th Battle of Dynekilen Sweden Denmark
1716 Jul 8th Battle of Corfu Ottoman Empire Venice
1717 May 14th Attack on Goteborg Denmark Sweden
1717 Jun 12-16th 5th Battle of Dardanelles Ottoman Empire Venice
1717 Jul 19th Battle of Matapan Ottoman Empire

Venice, Portugal, Pontifical &

Order of St John

1717 Jul 19th Attack on Stromstad Denmark Sweden
1717 Aug 1st Battle of Zante Ottoman Empire Venice
1718 Jul 20-22nd Battle of Cervi Ottoman Empire Venice
1718 Sep 17th Action of September 1718 Denmark Sweden
1718 Aug 11th Battle of Cape Passaro Spain Britain
1719 May 24th Battle of Osel Sweden Russia
1719 Jul 13th Battle of Stromstad Sweden Denmark
1719 Jul 21-26th Battle of Marstrand Sweden Denmark
1720 Jul 27th Battle of Grenhamn Sweden Russia
1741 Aug 10th Battle of Colachel Netherlands Travancore
1744 Feb 22nd Battle of Cape Sicie or Toulon Britain France & Spain
1747 May 14th 1st Battle of Cape Finisterre France Britain
1747 Oct 25th 2nd Battle of Cape Finisterre France Britain
1748 Oct 12th Battle of Havana or Knowle's Action Spain Britain
1756 May 20th Battle of Minorca or Byng's Action Britain France
1758 Apr 29th Battle of Cuddalore France Britain
1758 Aug 3rd Battle of Negapatam France Britain
1759 Aug 19th 2nd Battle of Lagos France Britain
1759 Sep 10th Battle of Pondicherry France Britain
1759 Nov 20th Battle of Quiberon Bay French Britain
1776 Oct 11-13th Battle of Valcour Island America Britain
1778 Jul 27th 1st Battle of Ushant Britain France
1778 Dec 15th Battle of Saint Lucia France Britain
1779 Jul 6th Battle of Grenada France Britain
1779 Sep 23rd Battle of Flamborough Head Britain United States
1780 Jan 16th 1st Battle of Cape St Vincent or Moonlight Battle Spain Britain
1780 Apr 17th Battle of Martinique Britain France
1781 Apr 16th Battle of Port Praya Britain France
1781 Apr 29th Battle of Fort Royal Britain France
1781 Dec 12th 2nd Battle of Ushant France Britain
1781 Aug 5th Battle of Dogger Bank Netherlands Britain
1782 Jan 25th Battle of Saint Kitts France Britain
1782 Feb 17th Battle of Sadras France Britain
1782 Apr 9th Battle of The Saintes France Britain
1782 Apr 12th Battle of Providien British French
1782 Jul 6th 2nd Battle of Negapatam France Britain
1782 Sep 3rd Battle of Trincomalee Britain France
1782 Oct 20th Battle of Cape Spartel France & Spain Britain
1783 Jun 20th 2nd Battle of Cuddalore France Britain
1788 Jul 17th Battle of Hogland Russia Sweden
1789 Jul 26th 2nd Battle of Oland Sweden Russia
1789 Aug 13th Battle of Rochensalm Sweden Russia
1790 May 13th Battle of Reval Sweden Russia
1790 May 15th Battle of Fredriskhamn Russia Sweden
1790 Jun 3rd Battle of Krasnaya Gorka Sweden Russia
1790 Jul 2nd Battle of Viborg Russia Sweden
1790 Jul 9-10th Battle of Svenskund Russia Sweden
1794 Jun 1st Glorious 1st of June France Britain
1795 Mar 14th Action off Genoa France Britain
1795 Jun 20th Battle of Groix or L'Orient France Britain
1795 Jul 13th Battle of Hyeres France Britain
1797 Feb 14th 2nd Battle of Cape St Vincent Spain Britain
1797 Feb 16th Capture of Trinidad Spain Britain
1797 Oct 11th Battle of Camperdown or Kamperduin Netherlands Britain
1798 Aug 1st Battle of Aboukir Bay or The Nile France Britain
1801 Apr 2nd Battle of Copenhagen Denmark Britain
1801 Jul 8th Battle of Algeciras Bay Britain France
1801 Jul 12th The Gut of Gibraltar France & Spain Britain
1804 Oct 5th 3rd Battle of Cape St Vincent or Cape St Maria Spain Britain
1805 Jul 22nd 3rd Battle of Cape Finisterre Spain Britain
1805 Oct 21st Battle of Trafalgar France & Spain Britain
1805 Nov 4th Battle of Cape Ortegal or Strachan's Action France Britain
1806 Feb 6th Action of Santo Domingo France Britain
1807 Jun 30th Battle of Lemnos Ottoman Empire Russia
1808 jun 15th Battle of Cadiz France Spain
1810 Aug 23rd Battle of the Grand Port or Mauritius France Britain
1811 Mar 13th Battle of Lissa France & Kingdom of Italy Britain
1813 Sep 10th Battle of Lake Erie Britain United States
1814 Sep 11th Battle of Lake Champlain Britain United States
1827 Oct 20th Battle of Navarino Turkey, Egypt & Tunisia Britain, Russia & France
1833 Jul 5th 4th Battle of Cape St Vincent Portugese Rebels Portugese
1849 Jun 4th Battle of Helgoland Prussia Denmark


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