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Battle of the Gabbard

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The Battle of the Gabbard

The Battle of Nieuwpoort (Zeeslag bij Nieuwpoort)

The Battle of the North Foreland


12th and 13th June 1653


The Fleets at Battle of the Gabbard
The English Fleet

Ship's NameGunsCommanderNotes

Resolution88General at Sea Richard Deane
James66John Gilson

Victory60VA Lionel Lane
George58John Lawson
Rainbow58VA James Peacock
Vanguard58Ad George Monck
Andrew56Nehemiah Bourne
Speaker54John Coppin
Lion50John Lambert
Unicorn50Peter Strong
Essex48William Brandley
Laurel48RA Samuel Howett
Bear46Francis Kirby
Kentish46James Reynolds
Sussex46Roger Cuttance
Convertine44Anthony Joyne
Entrance44Richard Newberry
Worcester44George Dakins
Golden Fleece44Nicholas ForsterHired Merchantman

Hannibal44William HaddockHired Merchantman

Society44Nicholas LucasHired Merchantman

Centurion42Walter Wood
Diamond42RA Roger Martin
Foresight42Samuel Howett
Marmaduke42Edward Blagg
Pelican42Joseph Jordan
Portland42William Rause
Ruby42Anthony Houlding
Prosperous42Jeffrey DareHired Merchantman

Adventure40Andrew Ball
Assistance40RA John Bourne
Assurance40Benjamin Blake
Dragon40John Seaman
Hampshire40Robert Blake
Nonsuch40Thomas Penrose
President40William Graves
Richard and Martha40Eustace SmithHired Merchantman

Tiger32Gabriel Sanders
Violet40Henry Southwood
Welcome40John Harman
London40John StevensHired Merchantman

Reformation40Anthony EarningHired Merchantman

William40John TaylorHired Merchantman

Raven38Robert Taylor
Sapphire38William Hill
Sophia38Rowland Bevan
Adventure38Edward GreeneHired Merchantman

Mary Prize37William Tunick
Amity36RA Michael Packe
Crow36Thomas Thompson
Heartsease36Thomas Wright
Hound36John Golding
Stork36Roger Harman
Success36William Kendall
King Fernando36Richard PaineHired Merchantman

Thomas and William36John JeffersonHired Merchantman

William and John36Nathaniel JessonHired Merchantman

Arms of Holland34Francis Mardrick
Gift34Thomas Salmon
Guinea34Edmund Curtis
Ann and Joyce34William PileHired Merchantman

Exchange34Jeffrey DareHired Merchantman

Hopeful Luke34Thomas PettyHired Merchantman

Lisbon Merchant34Simon BaileyHired Merchantman

Loyalty34John LimberyHired Merchantman

Sarah34Francis StewartHired Merchantman

Thomas and Lucy34Andrew RandHired Merchantman

Employment34Captain CoxHired Merchantman

Phoenix34Henry EdenHired Merchantman

Expedition32Thomas Vallis
Gillyflower32John Harwood
Middleburg32Thomas Whiting
Peter32John Littleton
Providence32John Pearce
Convert32Richard Johnson
Ann Piercy32Thomas HareHired Merchantman

Benjamin32Robert SparksHired Merchantman

Dragoneer32Edward SmithHired Merchantman

Eastland Merchant32John WaltersHired Merchantman

John and Abigail32- Hired Merchantman

Paul30Thomas Adams
Waterhound30Giles Shelley
Blossum30Nathaniel CockHired Merchantman

Brazil Frigate30Thomas HeathHired Merchantman

Crescent30Thomas ThorowgoodHired Merchantman

Culpepper30Thomas CheyneyHired Merchantman

Dolphin30William Badiley
Exchange30Henry TeddimanHired Merchantman

Globe30Robert ColemanHired Merchantman

Industry30Benjamin SalmonHired Merchantman

Jonathan30Robert GravesHired Merchantman

Malaga Merchant30Henry CollinsHired Merchantman

Roebuck30Henry FennHired Merchantman

Samaritan30Shadrach BlakeHired Merchantman

Samuel Talbot30Joseph AmesHired Merchantman

Prudent Mary28Benjamin SalmonHired Merchantman

Oak26John EdwinHired Merchantman

Duchess24Richard Suffield
Mermaid24Richard Stayner
Pearl24Roger Cuttance
Swan22Richard Newberry
Eagle22Anthony YoungHired Merchantman

Tenth Whelp20David Dove
Martin12John Vesey
Nichodemus10William Ledgant
Falcon10Captain TuttleFireship

Fortune10Humphrey MorrisFireship

Hunter10John BowreyFireship

Renown10Nathaniel MeadFireship

The Dutch Fleet

Tromps Squadron

Tromps Division

Ship's NameGunsCommanderNotes


Vice-Amiral Gideon de Wildt's Division

Ship's NameGunsCommanderNotes

Vrede44Gideon de WildtFlagship

Schout-bij-Nacht Abel Roelantszoon Verboom's Division

Ship's NameGunsCommanderNotes

Prinses Louise36Abel Roelantszoon VerboomFlagship

Witte de With's Squadron

Witte de With's Division

Ship's NameGunsCommanderNotes

Vrijheid46Abraham van der HulstFlagship

Vice-Amiral Jan de Lapper's Division

Ship's NameGunsCommanderNotes


Schout-bij-Nacht Jacob Kleijdijck's Division

Ship's NameGunsCommanderNotes

Prins te Paard38Jacob KleijdijckFlagship, Hired Merchantman (VOC)

Johan Evertson's Squadron

Johan Evertson's Division

Ship's NameGunsCommanderNotes


Vice-Amiral Cornelis Evertsen de Oude's Division

Ship's NameGunsCommanderNotes

Leeuwin30Jan EvertsenFlagship

Schout-bij-Nacht Adriaen Nicolaesz Kempen's Division

Ship's NameGunsCommanderNotes

Amsterdam30Adriaan KempenFlagship

Michiel de Ruijter's Squadron

Michiel de Ruijter's Division

Ship's NameGunsCommanderNotes

Witte Lam40Michiel Adriaanszoon de Ruyter
Vice-Amiral Adriaen Jansz den Oven's Division

Ship's NameGunsCommanderNotes


Schout-bij-Nacht Marcus Hartman's Division

Ship's NameGunsCommanderNotes

Gekroonde Liefde36Markus Hartman
Pieter Florissen's Squadron

Pieter Florissen's Division

Ship's NameGunsCommanderNotes


Vice-Amiral Gillis Thijssen Campen's Division

Ship's NameGunsCommanderNotes

Groningen40Gillis Tijssen Campen
Schout-bij-Nacht Claes Bastiaensz van Jaersvelt's Division

Ship's NameGunsCommanderNotes

David en Goliad42Jan Adriaanszoon van de WerffFlagship, Hired Merchantman (VOC)

Ships present but of unidentified squadron

Ship's NameGunsCommanderNotes

Kampen42Willem van der Zaan
Graaf Willem40Jan Gideonszoon Verburch
Zwarte Bul36Willem Volckertszoon
Sint Matheeus36Cornelis Laurenszoon
Gerechtigheid36Evert Pietersz Swart
Leeuwarden36Govert Reael
Gideon van Sardam34Ulrich de Jaeger
David en Goliath34Claes Bastiaenszoon JaersveldHired Merchantman (VOC)

Sint Matheeus34Cornelis Naeuoogh
Elias34Frans Franszoon SluyterHired Merchantman

Halve Maan32Hendrick Pieterszoon
Dolphijn32Gerbrand Schatter
Leeuwin30Jan EvertsenHired Merchantman?

Kasteel van Medemblik30Adriaan Houttuijn
Stad Medemblik30Pieter Schellinger
Walvisch30Abraham Verleth
Bommel30Pieter van Brakel
Hoop30Boëtius Schaeff
Omlandia30Jacob Troucquois
Wapen van Zeeland30Cornelis Evertsen de Oude
Meerman30Jan Fredericksz Hoeckboot
Groningen28Andries Douweszoon
Sint Vincent28Adriaan Gerritszoon Kleijntien
Kameel28Joost Bulter
Westergo28Tijmen Claeszoon
Postpaert28Isaak Codde
Zon28Jacob Claeszoon Duym
Catarina28Jan Jacobszoon Coppe
Rooseboom28Bartholomeus Rietbeeck
Gulden Pelikaan28Barend Tijmenszoon Soudaen
Prins Willem28Jan Janszoon Boermans
Leiden28Hendick Kroeger
Prinses Aemelia28Jan Fransz. Smit
Gelderland28Cornelis van Velsen
Eendracht24Andries Fortuijn
Gekroonde Liefde23Dingeman Cats
Overijssel22Dirk Vijgh

Brak18Jan Admiraal
Windhond18Dirk Pieterszoon Heertjes
Graf WillemJan Coenders
Profeet SamuelReynst Cornelisz Sevenhuysen
Gloeyenden OvenFireship


This list is incomplete, especially for the Dutch

Bold indicates a ship sunk, scuttled or blown up, or a captain killed

Italics indicates a ship or captain captured



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