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Battle of Smyrna Convoy

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Battle of Smyrna Convoy


March 13th to 14th 1672



The Fleets at The Battle of Smyrna Convoy

1st Dutch SquadronInitial Attackers

1DNS DordrechtEland du Bois44ZSaint MichaelRobert Holmes90

2DNS DelftSalomon Le Sage36ZResolutionThomas Butler

Earl of Ossory


3Merchant Ship36CambridgeFrescheville Holles70

4Merchant Ship28YorkThomas Eliot60

5Merchant Ship26FairfaxGeorge Legge60

6Merchant Ship26
7Merchant Ship18
8Merchant Ship14
9Merchant Ship10
2nd Dutch Squadron2nd Day reinforcments

10VlissingenAdmiral Adriaan de Haaze50ZGloucesterJohn Holmes62

11DNS Klien HollandiaJan Jacobszoon van Nes54RDiamondThomas Foulis48

12Merchant Ship28Success32

13Merchant Ship28
14Merchant Ship26
15Merchant Ship24
16Merchant Ship24
17Merchant Ship18
18Merchant Ship18
18Merchant Ship14
3rd Dutch Squadron

19DNS UtrechtCornelis Evertsen de Jongst48Z

20Merchant Ship40
21Merchant Ship26
22Merchant Ship26
23Merchant Ship24
24Merchant Ship18
25Merchant Ship18
26Merchant Ship14
27Merchant Ship12
28Merchant Ship10


R = Rotterdam Admiralty Ship

Z = Zeeland Admiralty Ship


Notes: From a wargames sceanrio by James C. Bender Web Site

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