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Battle of Providien

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Battle of Providien 

Apr 12th 1782


HMXMS denotes French ships.

HBMS denotes british ships.


French Ships


# Ships Commander Guns Notes Sources
1 Vengeur Chevalier de Forbin 64   B091
2 Artesien Maurville 64   B091 
3 Annibal de Galles 50 Little Annibal B091 
4 Sphinx vicomte du Chilleau 64   B091 
5 Heros Bailli de Suffren 74   B091 
6 Orient
la Pallière 74   B091 
7 Brillant
de saint Félix 64


de Villeneuve Cillart
9 Ajax de Bouvet 64
10 Annibal de Tromelin
74   B091 
11 Flamand de Cuverville 50   B091 
12 Bizarre de Lalandelle 64
  12 ships of the line   770 guns    


British Ships

The British Fleet
British Battle Line of Vice-Admiral of the Blue Sir Edward Hughes
Ship Name Guns Commander Notes
Hero 74 Charles Wood  
Exeter 64 Charles Hughes  
Isis 50 Thomas Lumley  
Burford 70 Peter Rainier  
Monmouth 64 James Alms  
Superb 74   Flagship
Monarca 68    
Eagle 64 Ambrose Reddall  
Worcester 64 George Talbot  
Sultan 74    
Magnanime 64    
Not in the Line
Ship Name Guns Commander Notes
Seahorse 24    
Combustion 8    




# British Situation Number French Commander Guns**
1 officers Killed
officers Killed  
2 officers Wounded
officers Wounded  
3 officers Prisoners
officers Prisoners  
4 seamen Killed
seamen Killed
5 seamen Wounded
seamen Wounded
6 seamen Prisoners
seamen Prisoners
7 soldiers or marines Killed
soldiers or marines Killed
8 soldiers or marines Wounded
soldiers or marines Wounded  
9 soldiers or marines Prisoners
soldiers or marines Prisoners  
  Total british losses  
Total french losses  







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