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Battle of Port Praya

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Battle of Port Praya (bataille de la Praya)


Apr 16th 1781



HMXMS denotes French ships.

HBMS denotes british ships.


French Ships


# Ships Commander Guns Notes
1 Heros Bailli de Suffren 74 "(1)"
2 Annibal de Trémignon 74 "Killed during the action (2)"
3 Artesien Chevalier de Cardaillac 64 "Killed during the action"
4 Sphinx vicomte du Chilleau 64  
5 Vengeur Chevalier de Forbin 64  
6 HMXMS Fortune de Lusignan 18  
  6 ships of the line   358 guns  


French East India Ships (troops transport) Not participating to the battle


# Ships Commander Guns notes
7 Grand-Bourg     Indiaman
8 Saint-Anne     Indiaman
9 Maurepas     Indiaman
10 Brisson     Indiaman
11 Union     Indiaman
12 Espérance     Indiaman
13 Trois Amis     Indiaman
14 Paix     Indiaman
15 Abondance     Swedish ship armed in the name of the king


French army troops

Commanded by Monsieur de Castries

Pondicherry regiment (2 battalions)

Austrasie regiment (detachment)

At about 3000 mens


British Ships


# Ships Commander Guns Notes Source
1 Romney Roddam Home 50 broad pendant of Commodore George Johnstone B040
2 Hero James Hawker 74   B040
3 Monmouth James Alms 64   B040
4 Jupiter Thomas Paisley 50   B040
5 Isis Evelyn Sutton 50   B040
7 Active Thomas Mackenzie 32   B040
8 Diana Sir William Chaloner Burnaby, Bart 32   B040
9 Jason James Piggot 32   B040
10 Rattlesnake Cmd Peter Clements 14 Cutter B040
11 Porto Cmd hon Thomas Charles Lumley 16   B040
12 Infernal Cmd Henry d'Esterre Darby 8 Fireship,taken by the Fortune B040
12 Terror Cmd Charles Wood 8 'Bomb vessel B040
13 Tapageur Lt Philip D'Auvergne 14 Cutter B040
14 San Carlos Cmd John Boyle 20 A former Spanish ship of the line armed as storeship B040
15 Pondicherry Lt Thomas Saunders Grove 20 Armed Transport B040
16 Royal Charlotte Thomas Stanhope Bennett 20 Storeship B040
17 Porpoise   18   Armed Storeship?
  5 ships of the line, 3 Frigates   384 guns    


British East India Ships (troops transport) (4)


# Ships Commander Guns notes
17 Fortitude     Indiaman
18 Hinchingbroke     Indiaman, Taken by the French
19 Osterly     Indiaman
20 Edward     Indiaman
21 Lord North     Indiaman
22 Asia     Indiaman


British army troops

Commanded by General Meadows

98th infantry regiment

100th infantry regiment

At about 2000 mens




# British Situation Number French Commander Guns**
1 officers Killed 7 officers Killed 5
2 officers Wounded 3 officers Wounded 3
3 officers Prisoners 1 officers Prisoners 0
4 seamen Killed 20 seamen Killed 74
5 seamen Wounded 77 seamen Wounded 148
6 seamen Prisoners 11 seamen Prisoners 0
7 soldiers or marines Killed 24 soldiers or marines Killed 0
8 soldiers or marines Wounded 63 soldiers or marines Wounded 0
9 soldiers or marines Prisoners 9 soldiers or marines Prisoners 0
  Total british losses   215 Total french losses   230




(1) Monsieur de Suffren is Commander of the Order of Malta

(2) Tremignon, captain of the 74 Annibal, was badly wounded at the very beginning of the action(he died soon after) and replaced by Lieutenant de vaisseau Morard de Galles, the one who will become admiral during the revolution period and will command the expeditionary fleet of Irland, in 1796.

(3) Darby is the nephew of Vice Adm. D'Arby, commanding the channel fleet at the same period. It served as lieutenant, in his flagship, the Britannia, of 100 guns a few month before. Latter Admiral, sir H D'Esterre.

(4) In his journal, Suffren estimated to 35 to 40 the total account of vessels of the english convoy. William Laird Clowes claims 10 East indiamen.

(5) Clowes gives British Royal Navy losses as 9 killed and 47 wounded, loses on the convoy bring the totals to 36 killend and 130 wounded. Clowes gives Frnech losses as 105 killed and 204 wounded, all but 19 on the Heros and Annibal.




English data source: The new annual register of general repository for the year 1781, London, J&J Robinson – 1793 (Johnstone report to the Earl of Hillborough 8th june 1781, page 72)

Naval and Military Memoirs of Great Britain, Robert Beatson, J. Strachan, Peter Hill (page 314 and followwings)

The Annual Register, Or, A View of the History, Politics, and Literature for the year 1782De Edmund Burke, John Davis, London, Dodsley, 1791



B040 The Royal Navy - Vol III William Laird Clowes
B085 Journal de bord du Bailli de Suffren dans l'Inde  
B092 Essai historique sur la vie et les campagnes du bailli de Suffren Joseph François Gabriel Hennequin


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