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Battle of Falsterbo

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Battle of Falsterbo

September 13th 1657

British data source:

Dutch source:

__RDNS denotes __danish ships.

__RDNF denotes __danish frigates.

__DNS denotes __dutch ships.

__DNF denotes __dutch frigates.

__HSMS__ denotes swedish ships.

__HSMF__ denotes swedish frigates.



1RDNS Trefoldigheden66HSMS Kronan68
2RDNS Spes66HSMS Draken66
3RDNS Tre Lover60HSMS Herkules58
4RDNS Norske Love48HSMS Carolus54
5RDNS Viktoria48HSMS Cesar54
6RDNS Nelleblad46HSMS Amarant46
7RDNS Lindormen46HSMS Maria46
8RDNS Hannibal44HSMS Apollo46
9RDNS Delmenhorst43HSMS Manen46
10RDNS Tre Kroner40HSMS Merkurius46
11RDNS Justitia36HSMS Svaerdet44
12RDNS Sorte Bjorn36HSMS Mars44
13RDNS Pelikanen36HSMS Wismar44
14RDNS Graa Ulven36HSMS Vastervik44
15RDNS Sunder Roeren?HSMS Falken40
16DNS Raadhuis van Haarlem?HSMS Ornen38
17DNS Beurs van Amsterdam?HSMS Rafael36
18RDNS Svenske Loven?HSMS Leoparden36
19RDNS Svenske Griben?HSMS Fides36
20RDNS Svenske Lamen?HSMS Hjorten36
21RDNS Foenix32HSMS Samson32
22RDNS Samson?HSMS Fenix30
23RDNS unknown ?HSMS Svanen30?
24RDNS Karitas?HSMS Salvator30
251 galiotHSMS Fortuna24
262 fireshipsHSMS Morgenstjernan48
27HSMS Smaland46
28HSMS Nordstjernan40
29HSMS Samson36
30HSMS Fenix30
31HSMS Halfmanen28
32HSMS Vasterviksoxen22
33HSMS Leoparden16
345 small craft
352 fireships

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