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Battle of Dogger Bank

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Battle of Dogger Bank

Aug 5th 1781

British data source:

Dutch source:

DNS denotes dutch ships.

HBMS denotes british ships.

(A)denotes Amsterdam Admiralty.

(F)denotes Friesland Admiralty.

(M)denotes Maas Admiralty.

(NK)denotes Noorderkwartier Admiralty.

(Z)denotes Zeeland Admiralty.



1DNS Admiraal GeneraalJan Hendrik van Kinsbergen74HBMS Princess Amelia80
2Admiraal de Ruijteradm Johan Zoutman68HBMS Fortitudevice-adm sir Hyde Parker,Sr74
3DNS HollandDedel68HBMS Berwick74
4DNS Admiraal Piet Heynvan Braam56HBMS Bienfaisant64
5DNS ErfprinsBraak54HBMS Buffalo60
6DNS BatavierBentinck50HBMS Preston50
7DNS ArgoStaring40HBMS Dolphin44
7 ships410 guns7 ships374 guns

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