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Battle of Bergen

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Battle of Bergen

2nd August 1665



The squadrons in the Battle of Bergen

The English Squadron - Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Tyddiman

Ship's NameGunsCommanderNotes


Happy Return52James Lambert
Breda48Thomas Seale
Foresight48Packington Brooks
Golden Lyon46William Dale
Bendish42Robert TaylorHired Merchant

Sapphire36Thomas Elliot
Guinea34Thomas Room Coyle
Society36Ralph LascellesHired Merchant

Prudent Mary36Thomas HawardHired Merchant

Coast Frigate34William Lawson
Guernsey28John Utber
Pembroke28Richard Cotton
Norwich24John Wetwang
Martin Galley14William Kampthorne
Briar12Vincent PierseFireship

Hound8James ColemanFireship

AnneJames Lamb
The Dutch Squadron - rear-adm Pieter de Bitter

Ship's NameGunsCommanderNotes

DNS Walcheren60Flagship

DNS Jonge Prins60

DNS Wapen van Hoorn60

DNS Sloot Honingen60

DNS Gulden Phenix60

DNS Catharina40

DNS Rijzende Zon



  • Bold indicates a captain killed, or a ship sunk or captured

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