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Augustus Baldwin

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Officer of the British Navy

Augustus Baldwin

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Personal Details
Wife Augusta Mary Mellissa Jackson  
Father-in-Law John Mills Jackson, esq.  
Naval Service Events
Ship Date from Date To Event Source
  1794/05 Entered the Navy B080
Trompeuse 1794/05 1800/06 As Midshipman B080
Garland 1794/05 1800/06 As Midshipman B080
Boston 1794/05 1800/06/28 As Midshipman B080
Promoted to Lieutenant, June 1800 W032
Boston 1800/06/28 1804/12 As Lieutenant B080
Prince of Wales 1804/12 1808/01 As Lieutenant B080
Prince of Wales 1805/01 Completed refit at a cost of £12,998 B064
Prince of Wales 1805/03 Took part in the blockade of Ferrol B064
Prince of Wales 1805/07/22 At the [3rd Battle of Cape Finisterre]  
Prince of Wales 1805/07/22 Lost three killed and twenty wounded in Calder's Action B064
Prince of Wales 1807/07/26 Sailed for the Baltic B064
Prince of Wales 1807/08/15 At the [Second Battle of Copenhagen]  
Prince of Wales 1808 In ordinary until 1811 B064
Implacable 1808/01 1808/09/19 As First Lieutenant B080
Promoted to Commander, September 1808 W032
  1808/09/19 Placed on Half-Pay B080
Tyrian 1812/02/07 1817/01/01 As Commander B080
Promoted to Post Captain, January 1817 B082
  1817/01/01 Placed on Half-Pay B080
Promoted to Superannuated Captain, October 1846 B080
Personal Events
Date Event Source

No Notes Entered

B080 A Naval Biographical Dictionary 1849 O'Brien
W032 Commissioned Sea Officers of the Royal Navy David Bonner Smith
B064 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1793-1817 Rif Winfield
B082 The Navy List March 1835 The Admiralty

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