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Andrea Spadon

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Andrea Spadon


NameGunsTypeStartLaunchedIn Service
MSRSV Cibele*16Schooner1790-may-17
MSRSV Cimodecca*Schooner1790-may-17
MSRSV Merope*Schooner179.-jun-25
MSRS Medea**701st Rates1793-may-28
MSRSV PolluceCutter-brig1796-aug-6
MSRF unnamed 2766Large Frigate(1797-dec-30)
MSRF unnamed 2

HMXMF Cerere***

MSRS unnamed1

HMXMS Harpe****

701st Rates1797-jul-231797-nov-17


*Perhaps not construction but rebuilt

**Continued after Giovanni Battista Giacomazzi

***Construction continued by Francesco Coccon

****Continued after Andrea Chiribiri, completed by Iseppo Fonda

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