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Action of Cape Spartel (1704)

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Action of Cape Spartel

March 23rd, 1704



The morning of March 23rd 1704, the Spanish ships Santa Teresa, Porto Coeli, a small 24 guns vessel and a transport that left Pasajes the 3rd of March, are founded near Cape Spartel by 5 English ships (Bedford, 70; Kent, 70; Antelope, 50; and 2 more) and a 44 guns Dutch from Rear Admiral Dilkes. Finished in a close action between the ships for about 7 hours until Admiral Vicunna surrendered.


The 4 Spanish ships were towed to Lisbon. Santa Teresa was so damaged that sunk at the entrance of Lisbon, end of Tajo River, with 80 Spanish prisoners aboard and 100 british. With the 4 ships were a total of 700 Spanish prisioners.


Passage taken from William Laird Clowes History of the Royal Navy, Vol II

"On March 12th, being with the fleet off Lisbon, and having been ordered by Sir George Rooke to chase to the south-west, Rear-Admiral Thomas Dilkes, with the Kent, 70, Captain Jonas Hanway, Bedford, 70, Captain Sir Thomas Hardy, Kt., and Antelope, 50, Captain Thomas Legge, overhauled, and, after some resistance, captured the Philippist Spanish ships Porto Coeli, 60, and Santa Teresa, 60, and the merchantman San Nicolas, 24, all laden with ordnance and other military stores."

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