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Action of 1692-02-22

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Action of 1692-02-22


22nd February 1692

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The British Squadron
The British Squadron of Post Captain Ralph Wrenn
Ship Name Guns Commander Notes
Norwich 48 Ralph Wrenn Flagship
Mary 62 William Faseby  
Mordaunt 48 Henry Boteler  
Diamond 50 Richard Whiteing  
Antelope 40 Henry Wickham  
The French Squadron
The French Squadron of Comte de Blénac
Ship Name Guns Commander Notes
Vermandois 58   Flagship
Vaillant 50    
Leger 40    


Notes on Action
Preamble The Royal Navy Vol II
"ere the Commodore could reach Jamaica, he fell in, on February 21st 1692, off the island of Desirade, with the entire squadron of De La Roche-Courbon-Blenac, consisting of eighteen men-of-war, mounting from forty to sixty guns apiece, two fireships, and five or six small craft"
Other vessels present The Royal Navy Vol II
The English squadron included two armed merchantmen, the English Frigate and one other
Description of the Action The Royal Navy Vol II
"Wrenn had to bear away to leeward to range his ships in order of battle, with the convoy to leeward of them. The French were within gunshot all night, but did not attack. On the morning of the 22nd, the enemy having a fresh gale but some of the English vessels being almost becalmed, the French bore down and engaged at 8 A.M. The Mary was much pressed by four opponents, but was ultimately relieved by the Norwich. The Mordaunt and England Frigate (Stubbs, master) were also at one time completely surrounded, but fought their way clear. The action continued for four hours, and then ended gradually, as the Commodore began his withdrawal in good order to the southward. He lost no ship; and, although he was obliged to return to Barbados instead of prosecuting his voyage to Jamaica, he had every cause to congratulate himself upon the manner in which he had behaved in the face of an enemy of thrice his force. He reached Carlisle Bay on February 25th, but, unhappily, died on March 26th following. Part of the squadron, under Captain Boteler, who transferred his pennant to the Mary, sailed for England in June."


Id Link or Description Author
B029 The Royal Navy Vol II William Laid Clowes


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deslandesherve@... said

at 8:29 pm on Jan 27, 2009

3 Royal ships at this action
VAILLANT 44 guns.........Capt Vaudricourt
LEGER 44 guns.............Capt Contré-Blénac
VERMANDOIS 60 guns....Capt. Comte de la Roche-Courbon de Blénac
source : ch. de la Ronciére.

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