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3 Decks Acceptable Use Policy

Naval Warfare History Wiki in the Golden Age of Sailing (1650-1850)




  • You have been given writting acess to the 3decks wiki site.
  • You can use to practice with the editor the following test page: http://3decks.pbwiki.com/Test+Page
  • You can use also the comment tool (at the bottom of each page) to leave opinions or doubts from a specific page.
  • There are ship's templates for each nation to easily fill the data.
  • There are tags & folders to group & organize pages. Each page can be at 1 folder and has 1 o more tags.
  • Any questions you can email the administrators (members).


What is a Wiki? 

  • Wiki is a public website tool for collaborative writing and data sharing.
  • Every allowed user (with permissions), can edit or create any page on the wiki.
  • Editing and creating is very simple, as a small text editor.
  • Adds a powerfull text search engine (right-upper corner).
  • Also, record changes, so a page can be reverted to any of its previous states.


The purpose of this site: 

  • This is 1 person 100 years lifetime project. Instead we chase to become 100 persons 1 year project.
  • This website has non profite or economic purpose at all.
  • There are many books about sailing naval warfare that we can not buy or even read because of time and/or language.
  • Our goal is to share all the data and history we find/know about naval warfare.


Rules & Norms for publishing: 

  • English, for beeing the most international language, will be the standard of this wiki.
  • Accents will be omitted from all names and english characters will be used as much as possible.
  • Dates will be in Gregorian calendar style, ordered by year, month and day (1805-oct-21, 1805-10-21).
  • Numbers (weitgh, length,...) will be written in english format. 1,265.74
  • Units will be written as in the original source (ft.) and metrical (meters & kilos) in between parenthesis. 210' (59.82)
  • Names of ships, places and people will be written in english, if possible, or with english characters.
  • Each ship's page has his own national prefix to identify him, use the templates when creating one, is much easier.
  • Spanish spelling rules:
    • Will use a double n (nn) instead of an ñ.
    • Ships called Nuestra Señora will be abreviated as N S.
  • Portuguese spellling rules:
    • Ships called Nossa Senhora will be abreviated as N S.


Want to collaborate? 

  • We please members to follow the data structure and methodology of workstyle as much as possible.
  • The web is divided in nations & sections. There may be a member responsable, at least of one.
  • This is done to avoid overwritting between members.
  • We encourage members to collaborate among them, share data on nations & sections.
  • Always record sources of data, if possible.
  • Members can write when they can/want, we all have a job and a family.


How can I collaborate? 

  • Comments button (one in each page) maybe usefull for visitors collaboration and notes.
  • Searching the web for data from other sites (webs, forums,...).
  • Using personal or public libraries to look for data.
  • E-mail section's responsable with data to be published.
  • Anybody who loves sailing warfare is welcome to join us.




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