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3rd Battle od Mytilene

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3rd Battle of Mytilene

Battle of Metelino


September 18th 1695

Venetian data source:

Turkish source:

French source:

__MSRS denotes __venetian ships.

__HTSS__ denotes ottoman ships.






The Fleets at The 3rd Battle of Mytilene

The Van (divisione turchino-Blue Squadron)-almirante Pasquale Zorzi

1MSRS San Andreagov Zuane Zen56
2MSRS Rosa

Rosa Moceniga

alm Pasquale Zorzi54
3MSRS Madonna della Salute49
4MSRF Sibilla36
5MSRS San Giovanni Battista Piccolo42
6MSRS San Vittoriocapo ord G Michiel64
7MSRS Fenicegov A Foscarini50
The Centre (divisione rosso-Red Squadron)-Capitano Straordinario Bartolomeo Contarini

8MSRS Sacra Legagov Fabio Bonvicini50
9MSRS San Lorenzo Giustiniancap straord Bartolomeo Contarini66
10MSRS San Domenicogov Francesco Pasta50
11MSRS Valore Coronatogov Nicolo Foscolo52
12MSRS San Nicologov Lodovico Flangini54
13MSRS Venere Armata44
14MSRS Nettuno50
15MSRS Ercole Vittorioso


16MSRS Fede Guerrieragov Alvise Nani56
The Rear (divisione bianco e turchino=White and Blue Squadron)

17MSRF Scala36
18MSRS Leone d'Oro42
19MSRF San Bonaventura34
20 Gerusalemme (Maltese)40
21MSRF Fattor del Zante34
22 San Antonio (Pontifical)40
23MSRS Redentor del Mondogov Angelo Bembo66
24MSRS San Lorenzo Giustinian



position uncertain

25MSRS San Giovanni Battista Grandegov Almoro Morosini?




|Sunk ship: San Giovanni Battista Piccolo. Damaged ships: Redentor del Mondo, Venere Armata, San Giovanni Battista Grande

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