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2nd Battle of Rugen

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2nd Battle of Rugen

August 17th 1712



The battle was decisive victory of Danes



Danish data source:

Swedish source:

__RDNS denotes __danish ships.

__HSMS__ denotes swedish ships.



1RDNF ChristiansoSehested26HSMF StralsundHenck30
2RDNF Kongens Jagt Krone24HSMF Anklam30
3RDNC Svenske Sophia20HSMF St Thomas30
4RDNUR Ark Noa16HSMF St Johannes30
5RDNUR Ebenetzer15HSMC Witduve22
6RDNUR Helleflynder14HSMUR Jomfruen18
7RDNUR Gravenstein14HSMUR Sjoekane I8
8RDNUR Phoenix12HSMUR Sjoekane II8
9RDNUR Hecla10pram6
115 bargesbomb
123 fireshipskreiert
1311 transports


|Swedish kreiert scuttled 2/3 August, captured by Danes 5/6 August and fought on their side during the 2nd Battle of Rugen

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