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1690 Program Fireships (1690)

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1690 Program Fireships

Class Details
Nationality British
Approved 1690/12/02
Rate Fifth Rate
Type Fireship
Designed Crew 115
Ships in Class 8

Designed Dimensions
Dimension   Type Metric Source
Length of Gundeck 91' 0" Imperial Feet 27.74 B164
Length of Keel 76' 0" Imperial Feet 23.16 B164
Breadth 25' 2" Imperial Feet 7.67 B164
Depth in Hold 9' 6" Imperial Feet 2.9 B164
Burthen 256 Tons BM B164

Designed Armament
Location Quantity Type Source
Lower Gun Deck 4 British 9-Pounder B164
Upper Gun Deck 20 British 6-Pounder B164
Quarterdeck 4 British 4-Pounder B164

Ships in Class
Launch Date Name End of Service Fate
1691/02/21 Vulcan 1709/08/10 Sunk as Breakwater
1691/03/05 Blaze 1692/05/22 Expended as Fireship
1691/03/06 Flame 1697/08/22 Foundered
1691/03/07 Strombolo 1713/08/20 Sold
1691/03/19 Aetna 1697/04/18 Captured
1691/03/19 Phaeton 1692/05/19 Expended as Fireship
1691/03/20 Lightning 1705/11/24 Captured
1691/03/30 Vesuvius 1693/11/19 Expended as Fireship

General Notes
Complement as fireships British Warships in the Age of Sail 1603 - 1714
Crew of 45 and 8 x British 6-Pounders
Class Notes British Warships in the Age of Sail 1603 - 1714
Another eight 256-ton fireships were ordered in late 1690. On 2nd December 1690, a new estimate was obtained for these. It was no longer stated that these were to be included in the Fifth Rate, but in practice these vessels were treated like their 1689 predecessors. They were now to be 91ft long (LD), with a breadth of 25ft 2in and a depth in hold of 9ft 6in, and with a minimum height between decks of 4ft 8in. The tonnage would be 256 bm, giving a keel length of 76ft. Eight ships were now envisaged at an estimated cost of �23,344.16.0d (or �2,918.2.0d per ship) fully fitted and stored.

Id Link or Description Author
B164 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1603 - 1714 Rif Winfield

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