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12th Apostles Class

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Los doce apostoles

El Apostolado

Spanish Ships per Classes


Class 12th Apostles
Shipyard El Ferrol  
First Launched 1753-aug-15  
Last Launched 1755-sep-22  
Decks 2  
Guns 68/74  
Twins 12  
Plans Jorge Juan  
Constructor Guillermo Turner  
System British  
Units Codos Meters
Length 92'12" 53.16
Keel1 80' 45.98
Beam 23'16" 13.60
Depth2 11' 6.32
Draught 12' 6.90
Weight 1,660-1,692 Tn.  


Order Ship's Name
1 Oriente
2 Eolo
3 Neptuno
4 Aquilon
5 Brillante
6 Magnanimo
7 Gallardo
8 Soberano
9 Glorioso
10 Guerrero
11 Vencedor
12 Hector




Codos are divided into 24 parts, not 12 as the feet.

The 12 keels were placed between may and november, 1752.

These 12 ships were built at El Ferrol and all had almost the same dimensions.

1 Oriente had 11/2 codos more of keel (81'12").

2 Hector had 1/2 codos more of depth (11'12").


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