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HBMS Lennox (1758)

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Lennox, 74 Guns

Nationality British
Ordered 1755/10/28 B057
Laid Down 1756/04/08 B057
Named 1756/04/10 B057
Launched 1758/02/25 B057
Shipyard Chatham DY B057
Design Class Dublin Class (1755)
Designer Thomas Slade B057
Master Shipbuilder John Lock B057
Rate Third Rate
Type Ship of the Line
Out Service 1789/05 B057
Fate Broken Up B057

B057   Type Metric
Length of Gundeck 165' 51/4" Imperial Feet 50.43
Length of Keel 134' 5" Imperial Feet 40.97
Breadth 47' 0" Imperial Feet 14.33
Depth in Hold 19' 81/2" Imperial Feet 6.01
Draught Forward 12' 9" Imperial Feet 3.89
Draught Aft 18' 41/2" Imperial Feet 5.6
Burthen 1,57937/94 Tons BM

1758 B057 Broadside Weight = 781
Lower Gun Deck 28 British 32-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck 28 British 18-Pounder
Quarterdeck 14 British 9-Pounder
Forecastle 4 British 9-Pounder

Crew Complement
Date Men Notes Source
1755/08/26 550 Design Complement  

Flag Officers
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1759/02/14 1763 Rear-Admiral of the White Sir Samuel Cornish B057
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1758/03 1759/02/09 Captain Sir Francis Geary B057
1759/02/09 1763 Captain Robert Jocelyn B057
1770/12 1774 Captain Robert Roddam B057
1774 1775/02 Captain Matthew Moore B057
1778/06 Unknown Captain William Bennett B057
Commissioned Officers
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1762 1763 First Lieutenant Richard Pearson W031

Service Record
Date Notes Source
1758/05/26 Completed at Chatham DY at a cost of £39,295.4.4d ,including fitting B057
1759/04/14 Sailed for the East Indies B057
1762/09/24 Present at the Battle of Manilla  
1763 Returned home and paid off B057
1764/09 Surveyed B057
1765/02 Began middling repair at Portsmouth DY B057
1767/02 Completed middling repair at a cost of £17,847.16.11d B057
1770/12 Recommissioned B057
1771/11 fitting at Unknown ,as a guardship B057
1772 Guard ship at Portsmouth B057
1773 Guard ship at Portsmouth B057
1774 Guard ship at Portsmouth B057
1775/02 Paid off B057
1778/04 Began fitting at Portsmouth DY B057
1778/06 Recommissioned B057
1778/08 Completed fitting at a cost of £5,757.18.7d ,as a receiving ship B057
1778/09 Commissioned for prisoners of war at Portsmouth B057
1779 Sailed to Ireland as guardship at Cork B057
1783 Guardship at Cork B057
1783/03 Paid off B057
1784 Possibly sunk as a breakwater and later raised B057
1789/05 Broken up at Plymouth for £491.5.4d + £121.16.0d B057

Fleet Title Commander Date From Date To Source
No Fleets Listed

Actions & Battles
Date Source
1762/09/24 Battle of Manilla

Notes on Ship
No Notes Entered

Id Link or Description Author
B057 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1714 - 1792 Rif Winfield
W031 Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Oxford University Press

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