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HCMX Ibicenco (1754)

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Ibicenco, 22

San Pedro Apostol 



Nationality Spanish
Ordered 1754   
Started 1754   
Named 1754   
Launched 1754-aug-13   
Shipyard Majorca  
Rate 6th Rate   
National Rate Jabeque   
Class Ibicenco   
Crew/Complement 150-300   
In Service 1754   
Out Service c. 1772   
Fate Out of Service   


Units Length Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Source
Burgos ft. l (m.) k (m.) b (m.) d (m.) d (m.) w (Tn.)  


Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs Broadside Source
22 1754 22 8 - - - - - - 88 lbs. (43 kg.)  



1757   Ship Lt. D. Pedro de Helguero.
1758   Ship Lt. D. Antonio Maria Vacaro.  
1759   Ship Lt. D. Fulgencio Ramirez.  
1760   Ship Lt. D. Francisco de Vera.  
1763   Ship Lt. D. Domingo Perler.  
1767   Alferez D. Ramon Topete.  
1769   Ship Lt. D. Francisco de Quevedo.  
1770   Ship Lt. D. Justo Salafranca.  


Service Record 

1754/5 Patrolled with xebecs Aventurero (20), Catalan (22) & Tridente (74) Cape St. Martin to Malaga, stopping at Cartagena for supplies.  
1757 Action vs. argelian pirate Archimusa, at Benidorm, with Aventurero (20), Catalan (20), Gavilan (20) & Garzota (30), sunk 3 xebecs & 105 prisioners.  
1758 Corso patrolling at the Mediterranean,   
1759 Corso patrolling at the Mediterranean with Vigilante (22), Aventurero (22) & Juno (26)
1760 With Cuervo (30), Andaluz (30) & Gavilan (20) captured an argelian xebec and is taken to Cartagena.  
1763 Under Antonio Barcelo's squadron with xebecs Vigilante, Cuervo, Marino, Catalán, Violín y Chambequín for corso patrolling.
1767 Under Antonio Barcelo's squadron transports "Jesuitas" from Spain to Italy.  
1769 Captured 2 argelians schooners and a xebec  
1769-dec Under Barcelo's squadron fought against argelian xebecs, nearby Gibraltar, capturing one bigger and 300 prisioners, towing them to Malaga.  
1770 ? With Garzota, Cuervo & Catalan, entered Cartagena with 2 argelian xebecs, 263 prisioners & the swedish merchant "Two Friends" captured by them.  



Actions & Battles

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SAMPOL ISERN, Ramón "Veleros de las Islas Baleares", Ed.Miquel Font.


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