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Provo William Parry Wallis

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Officer of the British Navy


Provo William Parry Wallis

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Personal Details
Date of Birth 1791/05/12 W016
Place of Birth Halifax, Nova Scotia  
Wife Juliana Massey B080
Date of Death 1892/02/13 W016
Naval Service Events
Ship Date From Date To Event Source
1795/05/01 Entered the Navy B080
Cleopatra 1804/10 1805/02/17 Midshipman B080
Milan 1805/02/23 1806/11/06 Midshipman B080
Triumph 1806/11/06 1808/02 Acting Lieutenant B080
1807 On the Halifax station B057
Bellona 1808/02 1808/11/30 Masters Mate B080
Promoted to Lieutenant, 30th November 1808 B080
Curieux 1808/11/30 1809/11/03 Lieutenant B080
1809/11/03 Wrecked off Guadeloupe B064
Gloire 1809/11/29 1810 Lieutenant B080
Observateur 1810 1810 Lieutenant B080
Emulous 1810 1812/01 Lieutenant B080
Driver 1810 1810 Lieutenant B080
Shannon 1812/01 1813/06/01 Lieutenant B080
Shannon 1813/06/01 1813/06/07 As Captain B080
Promoted to Commander, 9th July 1813 W032
Snipe 1814/01/13 1814/12/28 As Captain B080
Promoted to Captain, 12th August 1819 NL1865-3
Nieman 1824/06/04 1826/11 As Captain B080
Madagascar 1838/04/14 1839/09 As Captain B080
Warspite 1843/10/13 1846/04 As Captain B080
1847/08/05 Appointed a Naval Aide-de-Camp to the Queen B080
Promoted to Rear-Admiral, 27th August 1851 NL1865-3
Promoted to Vice-Admiral, 10th September 1857 NL1865-3
Promoted to Admiral, 23rd March 1863 NL1865-3
Promoted to Admiral of the Fleet, 11th December 1877 W016
Personal Events
Date Event Source
1817/10/19 Married Juliana (2 daughters) B080
1860/05/18 Appointed Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath  
1873/05/24 Appointed Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath  


Notes on Officer
No Notes Entered


Id Link or Description Author
W016 Wikipedia Various
B080 A Naval Biographical Dictionary 1849 O'Brien
B057 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1714 - 1792 Rif Winfield
B064 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1793-1817 Rif Winfield
W032 Commissioned Sea Officers of the Royal Navy David Bonner Smith
NL1865-3 The Navy List 1865 - March The Admiralty

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