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John Jennings

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Officer of the British Navy

Officer of the British Navy

John Jennings

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Personal Details
Date of Birth 1664 W031
Place of Birth Dudleston Hall, Shropshire  
Father Philip Jennings (d1697) W031
Mother Christina Eyton W031
Wife Alice Breton W031
Son George (d.1790) W031
Date of Death 1743/12/23 W031
Place of Death Greenwich  
Naval Service Events
Ship Date From Date To Event Source
Promoted to Lieutenant, 12th May 1687 W032
Pearl 1687/05/12 1688/08 Lieutenant B051
1688 Part of the Queen of Portugal's escort B164
1688/06 Reclassed as a fireship B164
Saint David 1688/08/27 1688/12 Lieutenant B051
Gainsborough 1688/12/22 1689/11/15 Lieutenant B051
1689 In the Londonderry operations B164
Promoted to Captain, 16th November 1689 W032
Saint Paul 1689/11/16 1689/12/14 As Captain B164
Experiment 1690 1692 As Captain B164
1690 Sailed to America B164
Chester 1692/07 1693 As Captain B164
Winchester 1693/07 1693/07 As Captain B051
Mary 1693/07 1694/12 As Captain B051
1694/05/12 One of the squadron which captured the French privateer commander Rene DuGuay-Trouin's in the Diligente  
Chichester 1696 1697 As Captain B164
Plymouth 1697 1699 As Captain B164
1697/02/05 Present at the Action of 1697-02-05  
1697/02/05 In company with Rye took Nouveau Cherbourg and Dauphin B164
Orford 1699 1699 As Captain B164
Kent 1701 1703 As Captain B057
1702/06/19 Sailed for the attempt on Cadiz B164
1702/10/12 Present at the Battle of Vigo  
Saint George 1703/03 1704/12 As Captain B057
1703/09 Sailed for the Mediterranean B057
1704/08/13 Present at the Battle of Malaga  
1704/09 Sailed for home B164
1704/12 Paid off B057
Promoted to Rear-Admiral of the Blue, 20th January 1705 W032
Royal Anne 1705/05/15 1705 As Flag Officer B057
Saint George 1706/01 1708/01 As Flag Officer B057
1706/01 Recommissioned B057
Devonshire 1706/08 1707/04 As Flag Officer B029
1706/09 In the Mediterranean B057
Promoted to Rear-Admiral of the White, 10th December 1707 W032
Triumph 1708/01 1700 As Flag Officer B057
1708/01 In the Channel B164
Promoted to Rear-Admiral of the Red, 8th January 1708 W032
Promoted to Vice-Admiral of the Blue, 26th January 1708 W032
Saint George 1708/09 1709/12 As Flag Officer B057
1708/10 Voyage to Lisbon B057
Promoted to Admiral of the Blue, 17th December 1708 W032
1709/01/12 Paid off B164
Promoted to Admiral of the White, 14th November 1709 W032
Royal Anne 1710 1710/08/26 As Flag Officer B057
1710/08/26 Admiralty Order to be laid up at Chatham B164
Blenheim 1710/10 1713 As Flag Officer B057
1710/10 Commissioned for the Mediterranean B057
1714/10/14 Appointed one of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty W016
Union 1726 1726/10/17 As Flag Officer B057
1726/03/23 Completed at a cost of �27,580.1.8d B057
1726/10 Sailed for the Mediterranean B057
1726/10/17 Paid off, seeing no further service B057
1727/06 Resigned as one of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty due to deafness W016
1734/02/26 Retired from active service W031
Personal Events
Date Event Source
1704/09/09 Appointed Knight Bachelor  
1705 Member of Parliament for Queenborough until 1710 W016
1710 Member of Parliament for Portsmouth until 1711 W016
1715 Member of Parliament for Rochester until 1734 W016
1720 Married Alice W031
1720/08/28 Appointed Governor of Greenwich hospital and Ranger of Greenwich Park B051
1733/01 Appointed Rear-Admiral of England B051

Notes on Officer
No Notes Entered

Id Link or Description Author
W031 Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Oxford University Press
W032 Commissioned Sea Officers of the Royal Navy David Bonner Smith
B051 Biographia Navalis - Volume II John Charnock
B164 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1603 - 1714 Rif Winfield
B057 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1714 - 1792 Rif Winfield
B029 The Royal Navy Vol II William Laid Clowes
W016 Wikipedia Various

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